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April 24, 2006

Jack looking sweet, questioning... and sort of sheep-like. Something about that big body with the little legs.


April 11, 2006

Once again, trying to get a good picture of both dogs. Once again, having no luck.


April 11, 2006

I point a camera at Jack, he starts panting. I'm not even sure why I pushed the shutter this time.


Mar 31, 2006

Yes, look anywhere but at the camera.


Mar 29, 2006

When we go to the park in the morning Annabelle sits in the front seat and Jack lies down in the back seat.

The dogs do nothing for the smell of our car. Recently at the car wash the man who was beginning to vacuum my car as I was getting out of the car said to me, "mucho perro." I thought he summed up the whole situation nicely.

This is Annabelle sitting in the mucho-perro-mobile


Mar 29, 2006

Jack with his big liver-colored nose staring off in the distance. He is looking sort of wise and noble here, isn't he?


Mar 26, 2006

Annabelle staring intently. As usual the message is: Why are you taking my picture when you are supposed to be throwing the ball for me?


Mar 26, 2006

Annabelle showing her biggest talent. She can hold two tennis balls at once!


Mar 26, 2006

Annabelle giving her command face. Throw my ball for me NOW!


Mar 13, 2006

Today's attempt to get a picture of Jack and Annabelle together.

In the moment that I was waiting for the camera to actually take the picture Annabelle went from looking towards me to looking at a dog she heard in the distance. No idea what Jack is looking at.


Mar 13, 2006

Jack showing his old dog teeth.


Mar 8, 2006

What a McGoofus.

Playing with tennis balls is a big thing for both of my dogs but Jack doesn't have a clue about fetching a ball. He likes to carry the ball around, and he likes to run after Annabelle when she's fetching a ball but actually bringing the ball back so I can throw it again is a concept that completely eludes him.


Mar 5, 2006

Another stop on the quest to get a good picture of Jack and Annabelle together. They seem to be sort of squinting into the sun here. The quest continues.


Mar 5, 2006

My dogs are just not behind the idea of a serious and dignified portrait.


Mar 1, 2006

Annabelle doing her pretty girl pose.


Mar 1, 2006

Jack looking large.


Feb 24, 2006

I am now on a mission to get a good picture of Jack and Annabelle together. Hard to achieve.

Can you tell that Annabelle wasn't exactly with the program? That intent stare means she thinks we should be doing other things, like chaseing tennis balls.

Jack has his usual dreamy, lost-in-space look


Feb 23, 2006

Jack and Annabelle at the park. Finally a picture of Annabelle not panting.


Feb 23, 2006

Jack and Annabelle with Annabelle looking more like herself --panting.


She'd be quite the beauty if she wasn't always doing that panting thing while staring intently. Check out the black spot on her tongue.


Little Miss Scruffy in the snow.


Annabelle all by herself at the park. Jack didn't get to go this morning because I had to have Annabelle on a leash going across a big snowy/icy area and if I have two of them on the leash at once while walking across ice there's always the danger they'll do their sled dog imitation, forcing me to do my sled imitation.


Jack looking a little bit like he's sulking.


Jack has bad hips -- he has displaysia and he also has Degenerative Myelopathy. His back hips have just gone into a sort of accelerated decline and he is not very steady on his feet. He is wearing his new harness the Harman Hip Helper Harness. It sort of gives him a suitcase handle over his back legs so we can help him to his feet or steady him.


This picture was taken by Josh several Christmases ago. I'm not sure of the year, perhaps 2003?


He's a big handsome boy, even though I can't seem to manage to get a good picture of him.


Jack looking noble but blurry.


I walk the dogs every day at Druid Hill park. Sometimes we walk in this old, abandoned graveyard, sometimes we walk in one of the playing fields.


Annabelle looking feral. At her feet is a plastic water bottle. Every morning when I take her off the leash the first thing she does is look for one of these bottles (and she's always able to find one) and then race around with it.


Jack looking old and grey with Annabelle in the left hand corner doing her mad dash through the graveyard with a plastic soda bottle in her mouth.