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Dec 28, 2006

The Avenue in early evening.


Dec 28, 2006

34th Street in Hampden, a Baltimore neighborhood.


Jul 4, 2006

Bank of America building at the corner of St Paul and Baltimore, passed on the way back to the car from the fireworks.


Jul 4, 2006

We had a beautiful view of the harbor from Federal Hill. Unfortunately it turned out that most of the fireworks could only be viewed from the OTHER side of Federal Hill.


Jul 4, 2006

The 4th of July!


Jun 21

Fire engines appeared three times at the house two doors down. Never found out why but they kept leaving almost right away so it wasn't a fire.


Jun 16, 2006

The graveyard at Druid Hill Park looking lush and overgrown.


May 30, 2006

This was taken shortly after 5 am after dropping Benjamin off at the airport for a 6 am flight.


April 26, 2006

Howard Street Bridge.

I don't know what it is but I can't seem to stop taking pictures of this bridge. I love the almost cartoonish color scheme and how the functional elements of the bridge -- the trusses, arches, rivets -- become decorative elements.


April 20, 2006

Jones Falls Expressway at Charles Street, taken from the UB Law Library.

Last day of classes for Mike!


April 15, 2006

The Bromo Seltzer Tower. Apparently this building once had a giant spinning lighted bottle of Bromo Seltzer on top that could be seen from twenty miles away.

I say this with no irony at all: I am truly sorry that the giant bromo seltzer bottle is no longer part of the Baltimore skyline.


April 15, 2006

Flowers at the farmer's market. Lots of flowers and activity -- everyone getting ready for Easter.


April 11, 2006

Flowers on my neighbor's doorstep.


April 9, 2006

A heavy rain fell almost all day. This is the steeple of the church at Dolphin & Eutaw, shot from inside the car.


April 5, 2006

Cold and blustery in the morning with snow flurries. Later in the day the sky alternated between being dramatically overcast or brillian blue with huge clouds.


April 3, 2006

The Key Monument on Eutaw Place in the late afternoon sun.

Not as warm as previous days but still plenty mild and spring-like. While some trees have already started leafing out, these have not.


April 1, 2006

Houses on Abel St in Charles Village.

I took the picture on the way home from the farmer's market.


Mar 31, 2006

The Inner Harbor looking east.

We took a walk around the harbor after having a really, really average meal at the Rusty Scupper for which we paid really, really big prices.


Mar 31, 2006

The Inner Harbor from Federal Hill


Mar 16, 2006

On a beautiful spring morning you're walking to your car on your way home from an errand when you hear the clip-clop of a horse and you turn to see this.

We used to occasionally see this officer and her horse practicing in the field behind our house but haven't for awhile. They've been reassigned to the Harbor and Fells Point.

The horse's name is Sidney.


Mar 15, 2006

In the older sections of Baltimore there are lots of these cute alley houses -- don't know what street (alley?) this one is but it runs between Bank St and Eastern Ave.


Mar 15, 2006

East Ave looking west.

We're having one of those March comes-in-like-a-lion kind of days. Monday the 13th was an 80 degree day, today is in the 40s but windy so it feels much colder. The sky is brilliantly sunny one moment, then clouds over the next.


Mar 13, 2006

The light rail with the Howard Street Bridge in the background.


Mar 13, 2006

The Howard St Bridge from the light rail stop.


Mar 11, 2006

On the most beautiful day of the year so far why would we have spent any time at all in a bar?

I can't give a good reason but it was fun. And it was only for a short while.


Mar 11, 2006

The lake in Druid Hill Park early this morning.


Mar 8, 2006

Eastern Avenue at dusk


Mar 8, 2006

Howard St by the Ottobar.

No, I've never been to the Ottobar. I'm afraid of some humiliating incident where I am mistaken for someone's mother. Or I get addressed as ma'am.

That ma'am stuff REALLY gets on my nerves.


Mar 4, 2006

Accidental photo of table at Henninger's Tavern. Dinner was delicious.


Mar 2, 2006

A grey and overcast afternoon in Little Italy.


Mar 1, 2006

Baltimore's Washington Monument.

I parked on Monument St west of the Monument, and as I walked down the street to a meeting I was attending this was in the distance.


Feb 26, 2006

The corner of Eutaw & Robert in early morning light.


Feb 23, 2006 afternoon

Driving into Baltimore. I know, I know, again with the pictures from the car. I love this view though.

Check out how incredibly blue that sky is.


Feb 23, 2006

There was a mist hanging over Druid Hill Park this morning.

Don't know who this statue figure is, I've never actually gone up close enough to read its information.


Feb 23, 2006

Morning mist over the lake at Druid Hill Park.


Feb 22, 2006

This has been a grey and overcast day. Snow flurries this morning, then rain. Tomorrow a promise of spring-like weather and then this weekend, artic weather.


Feb 22, 2006

Not your average graffiti. I'm guessing that there's an art student behind this graffiti.


Feb 20, 2006

I don't know who these kids are but they came running out of Sterling Seafood when they saw me taking pictures and asked to have their picture taken. They thought I was with a newspaper and wanted to have their picture in the newspaper. I offered the next best thing: the internet.

To the kids in the photo: If you see this, hi!


Feb 20, 2006

29th Street in late afternoon sunlight.


Feb 15, 2006

A mild night with a full moon.


Feb 15, 2006

I like these nighttime pictues and to me the lack of sharpness gives them a dream-like quality.


Feb 14, 2005

The Marlborough Apartments in the glow of late day winter sun.


Feb 14, 2006

This was the view from our third floor porch yesterday evening.


Feb 14, 2006

I drive past this whenever I go to the grocery store in Hampden, which is a neighborhood near ours. It's startling to see a 2-story high flamingo.


Feb 14, 2006

I love driving into Baltimore on 395 and looking down into the city. Benjamin took these pictures while I was driving. Mike tells me to forget the pictures shot from the car but I'm always hopeful that I'm going to get a great image. One of these days...


Feb 13, 2006

The day after the big snow we woke to a brilliantly sunny day. By the end of the week 60 degree weather is predicted. This has been an unsual winter weather-wise.


Feb 12, 2006

We had a few small snows in December and none in January. This was our first real snowstorm of the season.

It started to snow Saturday afternoon but didn't stick. It began to snow harder Saturday evening and it continued snowing all through the night.

I don't know what the official amount of snow in our neighborhood was. About a mile away they had 11 inches but ours wasn't that deep -- probably more like eight to ten inches.


Feb 12, 2006

Another snowy street in the neighborhood.


Feb 12, 2006

The park behind our house taken early Sunday morning. It was still snowing lightly and there were not yet footsteps. The dogs, Mike, and I of course took care of that.


Feb 11, 2006

Waiting for the snow to start.