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i'm not a football person, either, but my hubs similarly likes it, so i suffer through. i made pomegranate chipotle glazed shrimp (and some other fun stuff) that helped me through it a little bit! these shrimp look like a good reason to put down the laptop :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

AbFab and shrimp on Super Bowl Sunday sounds perfect to me, too.


Wow! Shrimp, bacon, horseradish, I am so on this one!! Sounds absolutely fantastic!!

Patricia Scarpin

Football is not popular here in Brazil - soccer is - and I think my hubby would love having these over a game, sweetie!


I am so sports-ignorant that when someone says "Superbowl," it takes me a minute to remember which sport they're talking about.

But I agree, any occasion that's an excuse for bacon is a good occasion. :)


Hello Delicious Food! You can visit me in my belly now... Jules- have you picked a dish??


I made shrimp, too. Got the recipe, steamer and pot from the chefs. took it all to kit's.


This is a great idea, shrimp wrapped with bacon!

Just a Plane Ride Away

I just like Superbowl food ;-)

Your bacon wrapped shrimp looks delicious!


Oh mammy...give me a dozen of these and call it dinner!


Oh god yes. Anything wrapped in bacon!!! I love scallops in bacon and dates in bacon too. Your pictures are great!

claudia (cook eat FRET)

shrimp wrapped bacon
scallop wrapped bacon
mussels and bacon
lobster and bacon (?)

seafood and bacon are perfection together... yes, a dozen and they're dinner. that'd be a very good night.


This is such a great twist on the traditional scallops wrapped in bacon...a favorite. I have developed a shellfish allergy in the past several years, so scallops are out (tragedy), but I can still eat a little shrimp! Yum!


The thing is... shrimp are practically perfect on their own. But you wrapped them in BACON and now they look even better! I'm impressed... and hungry now.


Seriously, doesn't bacon make everything better?!


Looks, oh so good! I love what you've done with your blog!


Heather, I need to check out pomegranate chipotle glazed shrimp -- sounds delicious!

Lydia, I wish they'd rerun AbFab episodes for all major sporting events.

Donna, shrimp, bacon and horseradish turns out to be a good combination.

Patricia, if it were a soccer game I'd be paying more attention. That's more interesting to me than football.

Adele, I think that's a good way to be about the Superbowl. :-)

Elizabeth, heh! Just say the word and it can visit you.

Pigtown, those chefs take good care of you.Sounds like a perfect setup.

Selba, it's a very good combination!

JAPRA, I like Superbowl food too. And I like having an excuse to cook.

Peter, my thoughts exactly.

Katy, I've never had scallops in bacon -- I should remedy that, shouldn't I?

Claudia, seafood and bacon really do have an affinity.

Janet, so sad about the scallop allergy! But yes, have a little shrimp and bacon.

SarahKate, they make a very good combination.

Kristin, everything IS better with bacon. It's true.

Angela!!! Thanks. Good to hear from you.


SHRIMP yummmmyyy!!!! one of my favorite. and shrimp with BACON?? wwwoowwww.. great combination.. think the taste gonna rock!! :) looks delicious. cant wait to try this amazing recipe. thanx a lot for sharing :D


Wrapping the shrimp in prosciutto instead of bacon, then grilling or roasting them, and serving them with a variety of dipping sauces, is another great way to combine pork and shrimp.

Boracay hotel package

What a great idea! I've never tried this before. It sure looks delicious!

Amuse-bouche for Two

When you mentioned that your kitchen was in the basement at cbc, AbFab was the first thing I thought of. :)


Greetings from Kuwait !!
Great idea..love it :)


Do you have a newsletter for your site here?
your recipe is fabulous and Id like to see hat other reciepes you have. I did a search and came across this but would like to read more recipes from you

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