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Treehouse Chef

This looks really delicious!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

When I was growing up, lamb with mint jelly was the only use of savory with mint that I knew -- and it was always a gloppy green mint jelly. Turned me off completely, until I started growing mint in my garden a few years ago and discovered how well it works with many other foods.


Mint with mushrooms? Now that's a combination I've never tried. I'll add it to my experiment list.


I'm these are tasty as they are pretty...well done!


Lemon and mint? Wow! And that is fantastic there was such fanfare and excitement at work on Monday! We watched it with a projector in our little conference room and everyone teared up.


I'm afraid I've been avoiding mushrooms ever since getting a nasty case of food poisoning from a mushroom-laden dish at Mrs. K's Toll House in July. I can, however, report that being down on the Mall with 1.8 million joyful people was glorious.

The Food Hunter

This sounds great. I love both mint and mushrooms.

Mushrooms Canada

What a delicious recipe and gorgeous photo! This recipe would be a great one to serve at a small get-together, as it looks relatively easy to prepare. It also has a fabulous Umami factor; with the combination of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and fresh mushrooms.
- Brittany


Thanks for this great post! I kind of love how the recipe is almost an afterthought (a beautiful, delicious-looking afterthought) because this is exactly how I've been feeling. I watched the inauguration at home in my apartment. I am also very relieved that we have a president now who will take science seriously.


I watched Obama being sworn in at work. We all gathered in my boss's big tv in his office. I was embarrassed a bit because I started to cry, but looked around and saw I wasn't alone!

I'm a huge lemon and mint lover. I think I'll bring these to a Super Bowl party I'm going to on Sunday. 'Cause I'm classy like dat.

claudia (cook eat FRET)

beautiful food
like totally perfect food
which reminds me that i need to use my mushrooms TOMORROW




My boyfriend would love this recipe. He loves mushrooms and toasted bread!:)


Happened upon your post while searching for a unique creamy mushroom crostini dish....yours is the winner. I will have to make this tomorrow for a party.

A little while since the Inauguration, but I made a sole journey from Pittsburgh, PA on a whim (at 1am) to Maryland. I got on that Metro and entered in to the controlled chaos. I found it liberating, and amazing. My first time to Washington.

teeter hang ups

Can anyone translate a lemon souffle' recipe to traditional chinese pleeeeeese??


Oh my so delicious!! Whoa!! Hmm yummy!! =P yum yum!

Ugg Outlet

Great wits have short memories.

penny auctions

That made me seriously hungry! You presented it really well.

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I got on that Metro and entered in to the controlled chaos

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