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these look amazing!


Well look at that! The email rumblings transformed into gorgeousness in a flash! Beautiful Julie.


I admit, I am the same way about clams -- but evidently every cook has a line they don't cross. Have you read "Recipe Deal Breakers: When Step 2 Is 'Corral Pig'"? It's still online here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/04/dining/04recipes.html


Score, Pnwed!, hungry - must have!


Mmm. I learned to shuck oysters last Christmas - I guess I should give clams a shot, too. :)

The Food Hunter

WOW! those look delicious.


Beautiful photograph.

Just A Plane Ride Away

Wow! As much as I love clams, mussels, and oysters, I have never tried to make them at home. This recipe looks delicious.

Congratulations on your new-found shucking skills :-)


Remind me to show you my oyster-shucking scar on my hand... right between the bones. I leave it to the pros now!

matt wright

Blimey - great looking stuff! I have never baked clams before.


Julie- You've been tagged!


I have never shucked clams, either. But this looks yummy...


Okay, so I need to practice some clam shucking as well, it seems. I've never done it. But I just love that James Beard and these look too good to pass up because of fear!


Yum, that looks amazing! I've shucked oysters, but never clams. I ruined a knife or two at it also. Having the right tools really makes a difference.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I'm not much of a clam shucker, either, but these clams look amazing, so perhaps it's time to hone my skills!

We Are Never Full

kudos with shucking your own oysters. i'm thinking of doing this dish for christmas eve - thanks for the inspiration.


Ive never shucked a clam before,the videos are a big help, but I'll take the others advice on getting the right tools first :)Oh, and if you have time will you drop by at Foodista ? We are building an online food and cooking encyclopedia ala wikipedia which we will be launching this week and you can also check out our recipes on the site as well :) Cheers!


I love the color of the bacon against the clam. And good for you taking on clam shucking duty. Looks delicious!


Hey! Great new layout Julie!! We need to start thinking where to do it up on Sunday for brunch!! maybe gertudes??


Congrats on making this big step. They look delicious, great pic as always!


As someone who loves clams basically over all other foods, you have proved to me that it is a travesty that I have never shucked my own clams! This is something I must remedy quickly :-)


YUM---anything with bacon makes me smile. AND I so have a list of things I have left out of my kitchen and up to the 'pros.' Though, like you every so often I venture out: deep-fried zucchini blossoms come to mind...


I personaly find shucking clams much easier than oysters. Besides having the right knife, just put a pair of rubber kitchen gloves on. They won't prevent you from nicking yourself but they'll give you a far better grip and it makes it a lot easier.


Two tips, one for opening the clams give them a quick steam first just for a min of two, you will find them much easier to open. Second throw some parmesean cheese on top before you broil. (fresh is best but canned will work)


Thanks to your recipe, I too shucked today. And I shucked them good. I was a shucking virgin, but then I shucked on the kitchen counter.

Actually, I missed the parsley and didn't pre-render the bacon (which would have worked very well -- I had to put them closer than I wanted to the broiler for the bacon to crisp), because my daughter was on the laptop, but it was still excellent.


As for the shucking -- the funny thing is, for something I was so intimidated by for so long, it turned out to be pretty darn easy. I found that if I set the clam on a paper plate (with reasonably deep sides), and held it down with the butt of one hand while prying with the other, I didn't have to worry about the knife slipping and shanking me (the paper plate kept the clam from sliding all over, like it could have done on glass or plastic).

And I used a baking pan instead of the salt method, then just poured whatever liquor fell out back into the clams (after cooking, of course). It worked well, and they were still delicious.

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