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Did you get a new camera? Your Photos look great!


Edamame are one of those things I keep forgetting to make, too! My mother served them all the time when I was a kid, but somehow I never remember them until I see them listed as an overpriced appetizer at a Japanese restaurant.


Edamame tossed with coarse salt is my favorite nibble at our local Asian restaurant. It's easy to go through a bowl of those while still perusing the menu to choose the rest of the meal! Your photo is gorgeous.


so that's what you got up to on sunday. sooooo sorry i reminded you about daedalus!


I LOVE edamame! I kind of always forget I have it, too.


Why is every single one of your photos perfect?!?! I am envious of your photography skills!

Susan from Food Blogga

With a name like Daedelus Books it's got to be wonderful. I really enjoy edamame; but you know, it can be hard to find. Even the frozen kind is often sold out or unavailable at our markets.


Renee, same old camera. Just lucky on this one.

Adele, an over-priced appetizer in a Japanese restaurant was how I was introduced to them.

Lydia, it makes a great appetizer or snack. And it's so darned easy and fast.

pigtown, I can't hold you responsible for my Daedelus habit but yes, you did remind me of it!

Anna, poor edamame -- loved but never remembered.

Roopa, thank you!

Susan, I usually get it at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's where it seems to be always in stock. Or maybe my timing has just been good.


Our Costco sells frozen edamame for a song; each package has 8 (or 12?) separate containers. Pierce the top and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Lovely adn oh-so-quick.

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