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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful best-of lists! Wishing you a delicious new year.


Thanks for the list of great lists! I'm home sick on New Year's so now I have some good surfing to do!


That salad is gorgeous and definitely a number one! Success in the kitchen in 2009 is a sure bet!


I remember this recipe - I was going to make it, but I couldn't find any zucchini that weren't the size of small torpedoes, and then zucchini season was over.

Hmm. Maybe I need to make it a New Year's resolution. :P


I love your yearly list of lists! I'll have to bookmark that salad, it looks so good. Happy new year Julie. I hope 2009 is just the best for you and that we get to meet up again.


I love your yearly list of lists! I'll have to bookmark that salad, it looks so good. Happy new year Julie. I hope 2009 is just the best for you and that we get to meet up again.


Happy New Year to you, too, Jules, and cheers to another year of doing what you love!

When it comes to joke-telling and formal toasts I am a one trick pony. In honor of the New Year I will share the lone joke and single toast (actually am Oscar Wilde quote) that I can deliver with confidence:

Q: What do you call cheese that isn't yours?
A: Nacho cheese.

& "All work and no vacation, deserves at least a small libation. So hail thee, and RAISE YOUR GLASSES for work's the curse of the drinking classes!"

CHEERS, everyone!


Thanks for sharing this list, hope to try some of these dishes soon! I also have the zucchini sauté back in my mind for a while now, all I need is some free time to give it a go.
Happy New Year Julie, to you and yours!


This is a great round-up! I can't wait to get cooking. Cheers and happy New Year!

The Food Hunter

Thanks for sharing this list. I have two zucchini's just begging to be made into that salad.


Lydia, thanks! And here’s to a delicious year for you too.

Andrea, oh no! There seems to be a lot of flu going around. Almost everyone I know has been sick sometime in December.

Elizabeth, thanks! It tastes pretty good too.

Adele, zucchini has a natural inclination to grow to a torpedo size. In fact, it happened to me a lot in my garden last summer no matter how careful I thought I was about checking it on a daily basis.

Ann, thanks! I hope we get to meet up again too and that you have a great 2009.

Baltimore Lurker, good one! I’ll have to remember that.

Lore, that zucchini sauté was good but I won’t be making it until I have fresh zucchini again which I’m guessing will be early June.

Janet, if you find anything really good in there, let me know!

Food Hunter, well there you go. And that zucchini sauté couldn’t be simpler.

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Wow! its really good to be true that i saw this blog earlier,i also count these recipe that one of my favorite food,thanks for sharing this.



thank you, Julie, this is a really useful post. I often wonder how long we´ll be able to enjoy all this internet bounty. Let´s enjoy it and see


I first had this zucchini preparation at Jackson Fillmore, a restaurant in San Francisco. They have had it on the menu for years. Except I think they use sliced almonds. And maybe parmesan instead of pecorino?
It is indeed completely delicious.
So now there are at least two restaurants on separate coasts where you can get it.
And everyone I have ever made it for goes crazy for it!

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