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Oooooh! Soup topped with pickles! That's my favorite kind of soup. Thanks for the multiple tips: JCB's blog, the Nurseries and the wonderful cookbook. So much goodness... Happy Thanksgiving Julie! I hope it's delicious.


What gorgeous deliciousness!


I don't eat enough cauliflower. Maybe I should start with this soup.


Lucky! I've been hearing about Skye Gyngell for a while now and could never find her book (story of my life, it seems) but I'm so glad to know it will be coming out here in January. She also has another one called something like "My favorite Ingredients." This soup looks just great and those pickled pears are so creative! Love it!


1) Thank you for dinner. It was a great way to finish off the weekend!
2) It was fabulous and beautifully presented.
3) From an e-mail from JCB: "I was conservative on the cheese because I wasn't sure how it would taste. I also added the cauliflower in with the onions to brown for a bit ~ I think that helped bring out the taste of the vegetable. It is a good, easy soup!"


This soup looks so good! I love making soup, but I've never made a cauliflower soup before. i definitely want to try this1 I just got an immersion blender and it's one of the best things I ever bought myself.


oh wow, I love how creamy that soup looks! What a great space you have here, I loved your honey yogurt panna cotta as well...


This soup is an eye catcher and the ingredient combo has me in awe (must make this)!


Isn't it a beautiful cookbook? I bought it for a Texan friend of mine last year and should get a copy for myself as well before I move from England. I actually have Gyngell's new book "My Favourite Ingredients" on order.

Lovely looking soup!


I love really strong-flavored cheese; it makes such a great addition to soups and sauces as it it only takes a little to really change the taste of the dish. I can totally understand cutting back on the amount of Gorgonzola, as it can easily overpower something as mild as cauliflower.


Hi Julie! It is indeed a soup that jumps off the page. Very unusual and very tasty. Your presentation was beautiful. I didn't get to the pears, but am dying to try them next time. I just received "My Favourite Ingredients" in the mail...and it is just as fabulous. Am looking forward to cooking some things out of it. I'll keep you posted. HAPPY THANKSGIVING...and happy cooking. Cheers!


It looks lovely, Julie, and truly pops off the "page" here too! I could certainly see this on a Thanksgiving table ~ though it would be wonderful all winter long, I'm sure. I love finding new cauliflower recipes too - one of my favorite veggies! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

White On Rice Couple

I love the layers pickled flavors in the soup. What a delicious and dynamic dish!

Thanks for Janet's link...will have to go visit...


wow! what a cool flavor combo! i love the pickled pear relish :)


I'm definitely going to give this one a try. it looks absolutely beautiful.

Susan from Food Blogga

This soup sounds so decadent. And that pickled pear relish would be excellent as an appetizer on crostini or served alongside blue cheese.


Salt is King!! And those babies look great! Yeah I am totally in the mindset that my eating habits desperately need to get into a healthy state, but how do you do that with dozens of cookies coming out of the oven??

Sujan Patricia

This is a fabulous Cauliflower soup. It makes a terrific lunch or, in small bowls, an amazing first course.

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