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Caramel marscapone whipped cream??? Why do you speak such evil words so early in the morning!!


That looks AMAZING! I love pumpkin and I'm just beginning to fall in love with mascarpone...I'm going to have to try this!


MMMM! Thank you for posting this -- I don't care if it came from your archives or wherever! I want to make this NOW.
And yes, great pic!

I love Tish Boyle's Cake Book. I've written about it myself! :)


Caramel mascarpone whipped cream?

Never mind the cake. Just pass me the bowl of whipped cream.

Renee Shuman-Powell

Your pictures are getting better and better. I can't wait for you to cook for me on friday!


This looks divine! I love mascarpone!


Oh, this looks SO good! I am in love with pumpkin and I also LOVE mascarpone frosting - what an awesome combination!

I actually made a honey mascarpone frosting a few weeks ago for a cake for my mom's birthday and she and I were practically licking the bowl. Mascarpone is just so damn tasty.


My God, I need to make this. This looks incredible. My husband always insisted he never liked marscapone, and when I finally asked him why, he said, those little animals freak me out. I froze, and then said, marzipan?! SO, yay, we have been eating marscapone ever since that ridiculous conversation.

claudia (cook eat FRET)

i'll bet that was wonderful.
that sounds dreamy. as in seriously. i love all of that...

tempting to make this one. caramel marscapone and pumpkin cake. nice...

Susan from Food Blogga

I will be dreaming of caramel mascarpone whipped cream tonight.

Walnut cake

Beautiful cake! I seriously love coming to your blog. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrSTQDVc0tc I'm always inspired, cheered looking your Walnut Cake. Those picture make to give a try. I seriously like your yummy colour.

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I suddenly wants caramel as much as I am in a diet right now. This is really delicious.

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The caramel mascarpone whipped cream topping. Caramel mascarpone whipped cream...really yummy....:)

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Pumpkin walnut cake..At last found the perfect recipe.I tried it once at home.But it was then over baked.Now I will love to try at home with this prefect recipe.

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