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These look delicious! I think they'd make a nice teacher's gift too--something a little different from the same old cookies and candies. Thank you for this recipe :-)


Oooh. I have a weakness for anything involving cheese and pastry. I could probably eat my way through an entire tray of these. :)


I read about this book in an older issue of Gourmet (I think it was Gourmet). I've had my eye out for the book ever since but have only come across ridiculously expensive collector's additions. It's great that you have it! I love your cheese straws! This is one of the first recipes I've seen that doesn't use puff pastry, also. Interesting!


I know this posting EVERY day thing is a struggle...but I sure am loving it.


I would love to see a picture of these, they sound really great.

claudia (cook eat FRET)

i am so behind on your blog. ok. taking it from the top.

so, are straws like a vertical gougere?

where's the picture? i feel unfullfilled?

anyway - i love this. easy and a crowd pleaser. purrfecto.


My dad used to make these with leftover pastry bits. I make them with puff pastry.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Clementine is popping up on a few food blogs lately, so I think I need to sit down with some of her writing. I make cheese straws with puff pastry, which is the lazy way.


I love that name too! Cheese straws are so iconic - something that has been around so long for a reason! But I've never made them on my own, so now you have given me a good excuse! My grandmother passed along a cookbook from her mother in the 1920s - it's got such interesting recipes, I'll have to try some one of these days - thank you for the inspiration Julie!

Susan from Food Blogga

I used to eat these at a steak house in RI years ago. How I loved them. I never even considered making them, so thanks for the recipe.


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Don't forget, with that much "mucilage", such as butter, to hold it together, you can probably do yourself a favor, and use whole grain flour, without it breakin apart.


Tthanks for this recipe and photo!

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It was a nice post overall, I loved the info and would it will definitely help me in future. I would try this recipe as soon as possible.

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Its a kind of thing people of previous generations snacked on while sipping cocktails...

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Cheese straw!!As I am a food lover,loved the recipe.I love cheese.But here I found a little bit different recipe about the cheese.I will love to try it at my home.

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