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YUM!!!! I adore figs!


I've seen a version of this with mixed berries, but with figs? Genius!

I know the Haymarket sometimes has figs. I'll have to check the next time I go...

lisa (Homesick Texan)

I never quite knew what to do with figs, but this is an excellent start.


Julie, that looks wonderful. Your photos always leave me drooling (and hungry!).

The Food Hunter

What a delicious way to use figs.

claudia (cook eat FRET)

i'm not sure if we can be friends anymore... i am too envious.

i want fresh fiiiiiiiiiiigs...


btw - didju ever buy any bottarga?


i saw this on tastespotting... i couldn't get over the colors! it looks heavenly!


I wish I had seen this recipe yesterday!! I just picked up a ton of figs and raspberries at the farmers market yesterday, but I used the figs to make a jam. What a lovely dish!


You have a source for figs? How lucky! I'm like you -- I eat them when I'm on the way home from the market, so there are never enough left to cook.

Zoë François

This is gorgeous and you are SO lucky to have a generous friend with a fig tree!


I wish I had a co-worker with a fig tree :)

The dessert looks amazing!


You have me drooling all over my keyboard looking at those figs!! What a great way to serve them too - I'm trying this next time (btw - that mussel dish? divine!!) I can find them at the farmer's market - and you are oh so right about the supermarket figs!


Beautiful Pictures! What camera R u using ? TQ


I made this for an (indulgent) breakfast this morning, sprinkled with a handful of granola when it emerged from the oven. Oh. My. GAWD. good!


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Figs are so pretty, especially in your dish! I have to try a fig!


I could lick the screen -this looks luscious. Makes me want to grow figs in my backyard.


I need to get me a coworker with a fig tree. Figs and creme fraiche are a combination I'd never think up yet they sound like such a great match. That desert sounds delectable and so easy too. A winner.

Terry B

Something so beautiful and luscious sounding should not be so easy. Nicely done, Julie.


Oh my dear lord Julie... It's been too long since I've had the chance to comment on just how beautiful your pitures have gotten. I'm almost more enamoured by the "thought" of this gratin than by the actuality. But, given the choice between a picture and the food, I'd definitely choose your gratin! Gorgeous!


pigtown, me too! And I feel lucky because this is the first year I've ever had them in any quantity.

Adele, I think gratins like this are a great way to eat fruits and berries. I especially like them because they don't heat up the kitchen as much as making a tart or a crumble would.

Lisa, funny, I always think that there's lots of things to do with figs. Maybe that's because I've spent years looking at recipes but not having a source of figs.

Roopa, aw, thanks!

Food Hunter, it was easy and delicious. A favorite combination of mine.

Claudia, I haven't bought the bottarga yet because I haven't arranged a time for my sister-in-law's family to come over. They're big on all things Italian and I think they'd be an appreciative audience. But I definitely will be buying it.

Heather, thanks. Figs are pretty fruit, aren't they?

Lydia, you get figs at your market? Dag! Why aren't they at my market?

Zoe Francois, I consider this fig connection very, very lucky!

Olga, the fig tree was an unanticipated job perk but a very good one.

Michelle, last week I was out of town and actually bought figs at the grocery store. They tasted like cardboard. Terrible! I ate one and threw the rest away.

Denise, thanks! I use a Nikon D50.

Dolores, that is such an EXCELLENT IDEA! Yum! I'll bet that would also be really good with Greek yogurt instead of creme fraiche.

Hillary, I agree about figs being pretty. I love the way they look.

Dara, I think you SHOULD grow figs in your backyard!

Anne, I'm thrilled to have this source of figs!

TerryB, don't you like it though when something is both easy and delicious? It's one of my favorite combinations.

Ann, thank you. And this was better in person than in picture.

Tiny Banquet

This looks GOOD. I always hesitate before buying figs because so often they've turned out to be over-ripe or just lousy — you're lucky to have a reliable source!


oh wow, amazing. The things we miss out on living in a city without fig trees...


Now those are ripe figs...can't be beat!


I love this recipe - raspberries and figs in a gratin, yummy!


I love love love fig, and yet I have never purchased it and cooked with it. This is an inspiration!


DWLyn4 Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)

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