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Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I'm always looking for fresh things to do with zucchini--and thanks for reminding me that it's been way too long since I've been to the Red Cat.


Mmm, this looks good!


That does look delicious, and you can never have too many ideas for how to use up your zucchini glut.


That's an interesting combination... I would have never thought of it. That's why I read your blog!


Oh, this looks so good! I can't wait to try it. Cheers.

Colloquial Cook

Simply superb.


Looks like a perfect way to enjoy zucchinis and I love the almond touch!
I only hated zucchinis as a kid but I honestly can't remember why as I was quite a veggie eater back then (weird, I know)

claudia (cook eat FRET)

3 ingredients

i love this... i'm making it


Simple and wonderful! adding this to my list of "what the heck can i do with all these damn sukes?"

Patricia Scarpin

I have got to try this, Julie - I love all the ingredients here, including the zucchini. ;)


I've had that dish...! And forgot all about it until saw your post! THANK YOU! I loved the dish and I still have zucchini to dispose of. :-)


I love to throw almonds on my veggies! This looks simple and so lovely!


I'm looking for new ways to use zucchini, and this looks like a perfect way!


Mmm...simple and beautiful (I actually like your presentation better than the teepee too). And lucky me - I even have a zucchini in my crisper drawer!


I'm with Lisa, this reminds me I haven't been to one of their restaurants in a long, LONG time (I love the Harrison too). What a wonderful recipe, thanks for sharing Julie!


That seems like such a simple, yet tasty way to make zucchini. I'll give it a try! Thanks for sharing.


Yes! It's almost ridiculous how well the ingredients work together.

Speaking of breakfast, I just woke up and the first thing I thought of was this dish. Maybe, just maybe, with a poached egg on top?

Thanks for sharing the recipe!x


That picture has me trying to eat my computer screen. This is my favorite kind of recipe. It's easy and has great ingredients that I'd never think to put together. Looks and sounds summery good.

Susan from Food Blogga

I just love fresh and simple dishes like this, Julie. Nuts and cheese do wonders for zucchini, so I can just imagine how delicious this was.


That looks simple and good!


Well, I am all over trying this one out. Ever looking for the non-waterlogged zucchini ideas- this one looks entirely on the money. How is it that I have never heard of this Red Cat before? Must investigate immediately. Thank you.


I like sauteed zucchini with fresh basil and parmesan... this sounds like a close cousin. Will have to try it out as soon as I find someone with an overly-fruitful zucchini patch. (Yes, I am probably the only food blogger in New England who isn't frantically trying to use up a never-ending supply of zucchini.)

White On Rice Couple

I've always felt the same way about zucchini. But when I started grating it and cutting it in thin strips like you did here, I now crave it!
The shavings of pecorino look really good!


This is indeed a completely delicious dish. I have made it many times. I first tasted it at a restaurant in San Francisco called Jackson Fillmore many years ago, long before Red Cat existed.

lydia saucepan

yummo! sauteed a (home-grown, though not by me!) courgette the other day and it was delish, but love the pecorino and almonds idea - will defo be trying this in the future.

The Food Hunter

This sounds delicious. I'm always looking for new ways to cook zucchini. Thanks


Lisa, lucky you to be able to go visit the Red Cat. Sounds like a great restaurant.

Courtney, it was delicious! My new favorite way to cook zucchini

Lydia, so true! You can never have enough ways to cook zucchini if you grow zucchini.

Pigtown, I would never have thought of it either! But it’s a brilliant combination.

Janet, I completely recommend it. I hope you enjoy it.

Colloquial Cook, thank you!

Lore, the almond gives the zucchini a wonderful savory quality. It really adds to it.

Claudia, exactly! Simplicity itself but the whole is more than the parts.

Meg, that’s an important list! Of course, it’s no longer such a big worry for me since I managed to lose all my plants to a squash vine borer.

Patricia, I hope you like it!

Ann, it’s a delicious way to get rid of your zucchinis. And cooking it is simplicity itself.

GirlCanBake, this was a first for me but I think almonds would make a great addition to all sorts of vegetables.

Deborah, new ways to use zucchini seems to be an ever popular quest. I thought this one was great.

Michelle, thanks! I can’t quite figure out what the significance of the teepee presentation is. Or maybe there’s no significance – it’s just the way it’s done.

Ann, another lucky person who’s been to the Red Cat!

Kristen, simple yet tasty is always a good thing in my book.

Ngoc, I’ve finally stopped eating it for breakfast but I was doing it regularly for awhile.

Anne, that’s my favorite kind of recipe too.

Susan, almonds and cheese make zucchini a whole new vegetable.

Kevin, it’s very simple which I think is one of the things which makes it so appealing.

Lindy, I actively dislike soggy zucchini but this is an entirely different animal.

Adele, basil and parm sounds like another good combination. And I don’t imagine you’ll have to look too far to find someone giving away zucchini at this time of year.

WOR Couple, I think the matchsticks are part of the trick to cooking it without overcooking it.

Lauren, my hat is off to whom ever it was who came up with this inspired combination.

Lydia Saucepan, I think the almonds and pecorino add greatly to zucchini, and in fact make it addictive!

Food Hunter, it’s funny how everyone spends time looking for new ways to cook zucchini. It really is a prolific vegetable, isn’t it?


I love zucchini, so I'll definitely have to try this out.

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Uh, I am wondering why the picture shows small dice of carrots in the saute and there is zero garlic in the recipe. Also no mention is made of EVOO for what is a obviously a very Italian dish. The idea behind the matchstick dice of zucchini sauteed for a very short time is a wonderful way to treat summertime zucchini at its best.


I made this about a year or so ago, and it's since become my favorite vegetable side dish. I've been meaning to come here and thank you for sharing the recipe! I actually tried it out last night with goat cheese and pine nuts, and that was great too. So thanks again!

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