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Mmm. It's been ages since I last ate mussels... this sounds delicious.


Sounds perfect (if you get rid of the cilantro!)


Your photography is always so beautiful. I'm really envious!


ooh with lime and cilantro! how quintessentially fresh!


I was one of the lucky people in attendance when this dish made its first appearance, and I can confirm that it is one of the most spectacular concoctions ever to grace a dinner table. (P.S. Julie, I haven't forgotten that I still have a huge stack of your kitchen renovation books that I need to get back to you! Kitchen remodeling is on hold for a while; this summer I had to do a bunch of exterior remodeling, including replacing all the windows, to the tune of many $$$.)

claudia (cook eat FRET)

the photo is absolutely incredible. magazine worthy. and i also love mussels and i love the sounds of this recipe... and i have yet to ever make mussels so the buying hints were priceless. this could happen soon although cary won't "go there" - i might make them just for me...


this is the way to my heart. droooool nam nam nam..... hic :)


this looks amazing... and your pictures are so beautiful. i'm jealous!

maybe we can have a food blogger photo training :)


cute dog! wow, I haven't had mussels in so long and these are just making me drool and wish I could pick some up for tonight's dinner. beautiful pictures, my dear, as always! (and don't you dare take out the cilantro!)


Adele, it is sooo delicious!

Pigtown, when I serve it to guests I usually serve the cilantro on the side and let people add their own, just in case there are any cilantro-haters in the group.

Andrea, thanks so much! That's a nice compliment.

Elizabeth, I love the lime and cilantro. I think that's what really puts it over the top.

Ellen, it's so good to hear from you! And thanks!

Claudia, thanks about the picture! I'm very familiar with how the person you cook for can really influence what you eat. I say make them anyway and eat them all yourself.

Aria, heh!

Meg, I'm happy to pass on my (extremely!) limited photo knowledge -- just say the word.

Michelle, I would never take out the cilantro. I am most definitely NOT a cilantro hater.


These look delicious! I love cilantro. And there is nothing in the world that can't be improved with the addition of bacon!

michelle @ TNS

this makes me wish i liked mussels.

also, there's nothing wrong with posting pictures of your dog, although i may be biased here because i just did it a few posts back.


SarahKate, I agree. Love cilantro and bacon is always a good addition.

Michelle, that dog picture was far better than many of my early food pictures. But still...

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I love mussels, that was my favorite really, before I don't eat mussels, but when I tried to taste that, now I'm always say to my mother to cook that for me.. :)

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It has been like ages since the last time I ate some mussels. I miss the taste! I haven't seen much of it in the market.

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That sounds like a great salad. I haven't been baking quiche, but I did spend a week trying to iron the bugs out of a recipe for Tarte Tatin. Maybe it's time for a salad week. :)

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