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Miz S

That's so sad! What a lovely post in her memory. It's clear that many people will miss her.


What a lovely tribute to Sher. Thanks for sharing that recipe and your memories. She did seem to connect with so many people, what a good neighbor she always was.


What a beautiful tribute. You've shared so many things about this wonderful woman that I've been reading about on all the food blogs. Thank you.


Julie... what a lovely tribute. It's incredible what the blogging community has brought to all of us.

Susan from Food Blogga

A lovely tribute and a delicious recipe. Thank you, Julie.


A lovely tribute to Sher! Thanks for a wonderful post.

claudia (cook eat FRET)

beautifully written
thanks for a meaningful recipe...


What a nice tribute. Thank you.


What a nice tribute. Thank you.

Dining Dish

What a touching story about a lovely person. Thank you for sharing both the story and the recipe.

Patricia Scarpin

Dear Julie, what a beautiful, heartened post. I love it.
She was, indeed, someone who would always see the good sides of us all and will be missed.
I feel very connected to some of my fellow bloggers like I know them in real life. It's something I deeply cherish and I hope it never changes.


Your post was beautiful, Julie. I love the idea that we're all a neighborhood out here (and we are!) Sadly, I feel like I'm just now getting to know Sher through all of the tributes that have been left to her, and by reading her blog. She sounds like such an amazing person (and she cooks okra like my family always has!).


Julie, I've read a lot about Sher these past few days - and this is one of those lovely posts that really explains what it was about her ... I wish she'd been in my neighbourhood, but she wasn't ... maybe this is the summer I'll cook some okra



Oh lord, I had no idea. Sher was in fact one of the first people to find my blog too, and to start leaving comments and encouragement. Without here I doubt I would have made it this long into the blogosphere. Thanks for drawing my attention to this Julie. What a tragic loss.


What a sad thing to have happened to one of our own food bloggers... but you've really made a great tribute!


Such a nice tribute. So sorry to hear about the loss to our neighborhood.


That's so sad! Sorry to hear about this. I confess I haven't read her blog but it looks like she was well loved and missed.

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