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White On Rice Couple

I've always wanted to have an apricot tree. Just ask Todd, I talk about it all the time.
If I did, I know I would be making many of these beautiful and perfectly summer cakes!


Oh Julie that looks so good!!! Can you please FedEx me a slice? :)

Dining Dish

That picture of the cake made my mouth water. It looks sooo sooo sooo good.


Delicious! Almost worth turning the oven on for. In the middle of the night.


This looks wonderful! I love old houses with kitchen's downstairs... sooo cool!


This looks wonderful!


I know the problem: lots of fruit and too hot to do anything. My neighbor has a tiny little 'canning kitchen' tacked on to the garage so at least she doesn't heat up the house.
Very pretty cake...worth the effort!


Yum! I think that apricots, peaches and almonds are all related somehow. That's why the almond paste works.

When I lived in Locust Point, the back neighbours had an apricot tree. I used to get the windfall from it. They were better than any apricot I ever bought.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

There's a farm up the road from me in Rhode Island that sells apricots, and while I'd never been a huge fan of apricots before, I now love getting them on the day they're picked, while still warm from the sun, and eating a juicy fruit on the way home. Will have to try this cake!

Patricia Scarpin

I have made pineapple upside down cake, but never apricot - this is luscious, Julie!


It is so cold here that we do not mind switching on the oven to make this lovely dessert.....but we do not have apricots in season. I think I'll have to replace it with dried, soaked apricots or maybe a different fruit.


What a beautiful cake! I've never tried baking with apricots (yet!).


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That looks really good.

claudia (cook eat FRET)

beautiful. i mean that looks MUCH better than 'really good'. that looks incredible and sophisticated - and the perfect summer cake. worth a little heat...


I love homes built at the turn of the century. There's something so extra cozy about them.

Your cake looks scrumptious. I think I'll try it this weekend if it's not too hot.


Oh, I wish I could have brought home some more of the lovely apricots I got at the Daley Plaza market. If I see more real apricots, I'm definitely going to try this. I think I'll go with the almond idea; I'm a major marzipan-fan.


Julie, that looks fantastic! I was just thinking yesterday that there must be some other adaptations for the standard pineapple upside-down cake (though I am in the land of pineapples...). Beautiful! And I can even smell the apricots baking...


Diane, I'd like to have an apricot tree too. Wait! What I'd really like is your beautiful garden.

Roopa, can we trade for a slice of your latest cake?

Dara, thanks! I think it came out pretty well.

Kitt, I can tell you're exactly like I am about the oven in the summer!

Meg, I like my basement kitchen. It was pretty weird at first but I've come to appreciate it.

Katie, a canning kitchen seems like a great answer to the whole problem of how hot cooking makes the house. Of course, when it's really hot I don't want to be standing by any stove, anywhere.

Fairfax, nice situation! Good to have a neighbor with a tree like that.

Lydia, that sounds like a perfect way to eat an apricot. When all is said and done, sometimes plain fruit is just the best.

Patricia, thanks! Pineapple upside cake remains the classic upside down cake.

Nina, I know that just as much as I hate to turn on the oven in summer, I enjoy turning it on in the winter. It makes the kitchen nice and cozy.

Jeanine, I recommend it. Apricots are delicious and they're so pretty.

Kevin, thanks! It was pretty darned good.

Claudia, well thank you! And here I was thinking it was homey rather than sophisticated.

Anne, hope you're settled into your new place by now. This is an easy cake if you do decide to try it.

Lindy, I thought the marzipan was too sweet and sort of vied with the apricot rather than playing them up. Although I am not a marzipan fan -- more of a marzipan neutral -- so maybe that has something to do with it.

Michelle, thanks! There's lots of upside down cakes out there. I've also made cranberry upside down cake before which I recommend, and I meant to try rhubarb upside down cake this spring but rhubarb season got away from me. Of course, pineapple is a classic and you're right, you are in the land of pineapples.


I really love your cake so wonderful!i'll try it for sure


Thanks, Bella! That's a pretty fabulous looking cake on your site too.


The cake looks heavenly Julie! I can almost taste how moist it is thanks to the gorgeous pic.


This cake looks gorgeous. I also really like to cook seasonal fruits, especially when the weather is not so nice.


Thanks for this delicious cake! I made this tonight with apricots and blackberries.


Jennifer, apricot and blackberry sounds like a delicious combination. Great idea.

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