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Julie- that is quite a colorful tasty looking salad!!


Oh me-o my-o! I've heard of people that can even grow artichokes up north of NYC! Maybe someday I'll try my hand at it, but for now, I'm happy, like you, to accept all gifts of 'chokes. Beautiful salad, I love me some smoked trout!


Thanks! I forwarded it to M. to share with Hope. I know she'll be pleased.


Mmm. I saw some delicious-looking smoked trout at Trader Joe's the other day... maybe this is a sign that I should have fish for dinner. :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Don't know any gardeners who grow artichokes around my part of Rhode Island, but what a treat that would be. Smoked trout -- haven't had that in years. Great idea for a salad.


Looks yummy! I tend to avoid trout and go for salmon or tuna, but this looks so good, I am starting to rethink trout!


I just had a supper of salad, boiled baby potatoes with fresh tarragon butter, and smoked trout. Then, I came here. Something in the air?


What a nice salad!

Patricia Scarpin

I have never tried smoked trout, Julie (only smoked salmon), but I can tell I'd love this salad.

Patricia Scarpin

I have never tried smoked trout, Julie (only smoked salmon), but I can tell I'd love this salad.

Susan from Food Blogga

I'm not a fan of trout but my husband loves it. I made him trout salad last summer with cranberries that he loved. Now I'll have to try this one. Thanks!


I like the sound and look of this. I shall mark this on my to do list.

White On Rice Couple

Wow, I would love to see what a estates garden looks like!
Your salad is just wonderful and perfect for today! Happy 4th to you!

claudia (cook eat FRET)

what a gorgeous photo... i happen to be a huge, but HUGE smoked trout fan. i love the sound of the cream dressing to go along with it.

summer... hooray...


I love smoked trout and your photo just makes me want to go out and buy some immediately so I can have this salad!


Julie, it looks so beautiful and summery! I love the whole idea of the place you describe - something like my dream place! I hope you are doing wonderfully, my dear.


I love smoked trout so much, and this salad looks so beautiful!!

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