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Yum! I agree, strawberries are so often disappointing, but so wonderful when they're not. Sometimes I can salvage so-so ones by hulling and slicing them, then making a sauce by pureeing a few with caster sugar. Adding just a little sugar and juiciness to the slices makes them taste much better.

the bee

I will be right over. This looks amazing. Not amazing enough to go to Butler's but close. I heart people who pick my fruit.
I am waaaaaay to lazy to do it.

the bee

Obviously, I was waaaay too tired to spell too in the above msg.


I am lucky enough to live in an area where we have quite a few strawberry farmers near by. It makes a difference. It looks good, glad you are back.


It has just become apparent to me that the fact that I haven't bought any strawberries yet this year is a travesty. I should have my foodie stripes revoked ;-)
But I did have strawberry refrigerator pie at dinner on Saturday night, and it was spectacular, so maybe things are okay.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend Julie! It sounds like you had a good plan for it.

claudia (cook eat FRET)

that photo is magical, perfect, beautiful, wonderous - it's a total wow.

the good strawberry shortcake's are the best, but so-so strawberry shortcake is so very sadly disappointing. and i'm not very good at the shortcake making part...


Oh, this looks delightful. Although I have trouble getting to the baked good point with fresh berries... they usually go straight from the container to my stomach. :)


Gorgeous photo and words, as always. I split my berries with Mom!


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

When we moved to our current house, we discovered that we have lots and lots of wild strawberries! We try to harvest before the rabbits get to them.


Julie I coudn't believe the coincidence as I read your post! I'm just writing a draft of my next post and it begins like this: "How do you like your strawberries? Uncooked thank you very much!" :) Needless to say your shortcake is right up my alley! You should submit this to Nutriferia's Berrylicious roundup.
I think the best strawberries I had were from my orchard back home. And the thing is they just grew between trees and didn't even require extra care.
We are very much alike :) as I too enjoy spending the little free time I get just like you, that's the only way for me to recharge my batteries.

Patricia Scarpin

Julie, strawberry shortcake is not part of our food culture, so I have never tried it. I definitely should - yours looks delish!
I love anything strawberry.
Your text made me picture myself in a beautiful day like that.


here here to staying home for memorial day weekend and relaxing! i did the same thing and it was heaven ;)

mnnn, i need to get some fresh berries this looks delicious, beautiful presentation!!

Susan from Food Blogga

Is there another dessert that evokes such feelings of nostalgia as strawberry shortcake? Yours looks just lovely, Julie.


I'm with you on staying home instead of jetting off to the beach. I also love how my city empties out on weekends. Why would anyone leave?

Your strawberry shortcake looks and sounds delicious.


Beautiful shortcake, Julie. My mouth is watering just looking at it. I got some Jersey berries last weekend, but the ones I love best, Tri-stars from upstate NY, won't be ready till mid-June at the earliest...sigh...


Exactly the wat Strawberry Shortcake should be - with baking pwder biscuits! I love it and haven't had it in years.
Mon mari thinks it should be Angel Food - stupid man!


beautiful shot - i'm craving strawberries - too early here...but strawberries and cream? desert island must-haves...no doubt about it. looks fantastic. good job.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Yes! Nothing makes me happier this time of year than strawberries and shortcake! Only a few of the farmers have them so far (and on Saturday there was a line of maybe 50 people waiting to buy some) but they are so juicy and sweet this year.


There are NO windows open out here in Seattle. We are, in fact, still running the heat. I was talking with a friend about whether it's possible to get seasonal affective disorder in June. However, despite the March masquerading as June, one thing that almost always remains wonderful: strawberries (although yours look pretty delicious, that amazing, perfect ruby all the way through). Your shortcake looks awesome. I can't wait to have shortcake for dinner, but I think, given our weather, we have a few weeks to go until the really good berries start to come in.


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Zach T

THERE IS A MOTHER F**KING HAIR IN THAT HOLLLLLLLLY S**T. BTW - My wifes didn't come with a hair.


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