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Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Oh, yuck -- the flu. Everyone has had it in my house, too. It takes weeks to get out of your system. That tomato soup looks quite restorative -- I hope it works!

Claudia (cook eat FRET)

this is a simple and perfect recipe

but the pernod should never be optional!

lovely photo, too


Does this taste at all of anise?

I am always leery of fennel, but had it today in a fennel-lobster bisque that was to die for.


I hope that you're feeling better!


You're sick--and made that fabulous soup? You're obviously Wonder Woman. I have been thinking a lot about tomato soup, and your picture will increase my longing for it. Beautiful picture, as always.


I love the delicate flavor of sauteed fennel. I bet it was a fabulous combination in this soup. But, i bet the pernod put it over the edge!


Mmm. Sounds like a lovely soup. Get well soon!


I get sick about as often as you do, yet I don't go around making delicious sounding soup. Kudos! You're a real trooper.

I love, LOVE fennel. Love, love, love.


Meg told me this weekend that you had the flu and I felt terrible! Glad to hear you are on the mend... This soup looks divine ~ I love fennel. Cheers!

the bee

Poor you ! This soup is yummy looking. Unlike you, when I get the flu I really wrap myself around it. Bad tv, tissue and the sudden unexpected gasp just to let the folks in my home know I am unable to do anything. It really gets me the rare peaceful day that I need. This soup would have been prepared for me, just to give you an example. Hope you are feeling better xx00- the bee


You know if you're hungry it means nothing but good news: your body is recovering. I love this soup, especially the tomato-fennel combo.
Hope you feel better by now!


AWH. You pooor thing! I hope you're feeling better by now! Your story about the shopping cart reminds me of the one and only time I had the superduper for real flu. I had a roommate at the time, but she was away visiting her parents, so I was all alone in the world. I was pitiful. I had to crawl to the bathroom because I was too dizzy to stand up. The delivery guys took pity on me, it was so sad. After about 4 days of this I finally felt strong enough to go to the grocery store. I was standing in the aisle trying to decide which soup to buy when I heard tweeting. I looked up and there were two little brown birds sitting on the sign above my head. I thought I was hallucinating (again) so I had to stop someone and ask them if they saw the birds too. When they said yes, I realised that I was still too sick to be out in the world and went home and went back to bed.


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Take care of yourself! Or... come take care of me! I could use some lovely soup! :-)


Julie I have found you at last ~ girl we need to talk I love the blog I found you through cook, eat and Fret too funny! Hugs


Lydia, you’re right, it does seem to take days to get it out of your system.

Claudia, I agree, the Pernod adds a lot.

JoAnn, I guess it does taste of anise but in a gentle and pleasant way. People are always talking about anise being licorice flavored and my only licorice experience is with the candy which has a very strong, even harsh, flavor. There is nothing harsh about the taste of anise here. And lobster fennel bisque? That sounds delicious!

Thanks, Fairfax!!

Sher, I made that soup before I was sick. I couldn’t even eat most of the time I was sick and when I did have an appetite again I had no energy for cooking.

Anticiplate, the Pernod really plays up the fennel flavor. I think it’s a good addition.

Adele, it’s my current favorite soup.

Ann, I love love LOVE fennel too.

Janet, thanks. Sounds like you and Meg had a very interesting visit to Baltimore.

Bets, I’m all about the bad tv when I’m sick too. It’s therapeutic.

Lore, I agree. Having an appetite again is the first step to being on the mend.

Ann, heh!! Yes, not being sure if what you’re seeing is a hallucination or not is a very good indication that you should be at home in bed sleeping.

Abbas, thanks.

Ann, uh-oh, are you sick? If I was anywhere in your neighborhood I’d definitely drop some soup off.

Dara, thanks! Yes, let’s talk. Come to Baltimore!!


thank you for this recipe. i loooove tomato soup and have always wanted to try fennel. with your description and beautiful photo, i don't have any excuse to not try it!

(i never realized there were so many Baltmore bloggers out there!)



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Lady Amalthea

This sounds delightful! I usually add shallots to my tomato-fennel soup, but I think I'll follow your lead and throw some garlic in next time!

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