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*raises hand*



Lisa (Homesick Texan)

As you know, I'm not a Baltimore blogger, but I feel like I've paid an extended visit there lately as I've been on a "The Wire" marathon. Do you watch that show?


Hi Julie,
You've already got me...but I just wanted to say thanks for the link to Brandon Eats. I was actually thinking about the prevalence of fancy comfort food as I was writing my post - I think it's a perfect example of cultural drivers affecting food.

Plus, I was in Richmond over the weekend, which is just a funny coincidence.

Your blog looks good, too!


also not a Baltimore foodblogger, but just had to step in and say I *heart* the new header!


You don't have mine either!


Lisa, I LOVE The Wire, and I admire the way David Simon is able to tackle the issues he does, which aren't Baltimore specific but are those of every city in America, and create such a wonderful and entertaining drama, and at the same time ask so many thoughtful and important questions. Plus I enjoy all the insider-Baltimore nods and seeing places I know on television.

Kitt and Ann, thanks!

Kathy, added you!


looks like there's a lot of food blogger in Baltimore! keep up the good work guys!

BalTHOMore Lurker

I enjoy the new design scheme... who did your banner for you?


Me!It's an altered image from an early 20th century postcard. (And thank you!)


I just started mine!!


You're added!


me please!!!



Of course, there's Elizabeth Large's Dining@Large blog:



All added!


Hi, I'm a Baltimore food blogger. :) I've just started reading your site and I love it. I'd love for you to link to me. :)


Hi, I would love to be added to you blog list and would be glad to add you to my blogroll. Just found you site and looks like one I will visit often. Thanks.


Done and done!


I'm sure my wife, Jackie, would love to be added to your Baltimore blog list.


Hi there....

I am currently in RI, but moving back to Baltimore on April 24th!
I would love to be included:

Sweet Mary


Nakiya Schurman

Hi! Am I too late to be added?? :)


I would love to be added. I work on tours in Baltimore and Baltimore Attractions for tourists. It's a fun job that has to encorporate a lot of restaurants and places to eat. Thanks!

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Narconon Arrowhead

I am a cook for a drug rehab program and i love to be added i also need some good ideas to cook for my students.

Amuse-bouche for Two

Baltimore food blogger here...

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Wow, I think this is cool.

Darlene Mikolasko

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