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As soon as I saw the picture--and the words "Deborah Madison," I got quite excited! It looks gorgeous--and I know that it had to be delicious, because she's able to combine ingredients in a way that always delights me. Her recipes NEVER disappoint. Wonderful! By the way, she grew up here in Davis, CA, where I live. Home girl made good!

Beautiful picture!

Patricia Scarpin

Aren't those taste testers the luckiest people ever?? :)
If I lived nearby you bet I'd be in line to be a tester too, Julie!


Wow... Julie, this sounds incredible. I love pecan pie, but think it's too cloying. I will have to keep looking at this recipe ('cause it's not like i am actually going to cook anything!).


Your recent posts have been few and far between. But absolute gems. I love pecan pie and I love imagining one that is less sweet but - what was that - rich, warm and complex??!! Oh, I'm going to stop imagining and start baking one of these days.

I don't love the classic tart shell that goes with most pecan pies - have you ever seen/made/tasted any successful variations or alternatives?


Mmm - sounds fabulous! Pecan pie has always been a little sweet for me (though I'll happily gorge myself on a peice) so I'm intrigued...

Miz S

I can testify that this is an insanely delicious dessert. I was very lucky to be on the team of taste-testers.


I've always shied away from the typical Southern pecan pie -- way too sweet for me. This one sounds much more balanced, though, so I will bookmark and try it.


as for the ethnic stores, I´m terrible. I buy stuff just for the labels, and end up cluttering my cupboards with things I can´t identify.


Groan.... - That looks and sounds wonderful! I had a dark chocolate pecan pie once that was also quite sinfully good. (Didn't make it, just ate it)
I'm the same way at little ethnic or specialty shops - and my pantry is groaning, as well!

Deborah Dowd

This looks like a candidate to repace the traditional pecan pie- the combination of flavors sounds incredible and a little less sweet than the traditional.

Passionate Baker

How similar are tastes are...bittersweet choc, lemon, coffee! Beautiful blog, lovely pictures & great dessert this!!

blue plate

Great looking tart!

the bee

cannot wait to add this recipe to my thighs.. er.. collection.
No problem, it will be right next to the pumpkin flan from food network. Let's hear more from you.. no need to always post a recipe..xx00- bee


I will absolutely try this, the question is only when. I'm always a little afraid to tinker with the holiday pies, especially when it's a favorite of anyone (as in, my dad and classic pecan pie). But I've been itching for a deeper/more complex pecan pie that doesn't go too weird (weird being all relative: piloncillo is readily available in my hood). Thanks for the post.

By the way, how did you like this crust? Does the vanilla come through? So many pie crusts out there...


This looks really delicious. I'm a coffee freak too -- but I like mine both as a beverage AND as a dessert flavor. And I'm an ethnic grocery junkie as well. The next time you come to NYC, give me a shout and we'll go food-crawling in some serious places -- Chinatown, Little Pakistan, Kalustyan's Market, and all the Mexican groceries in my neighborhood...


I was so taken with this, I was going to make it for Thanksgiving, too. But then my last farmbox of the year was loaded with golden delicious apples- so I'm going with a tart tatin, I think.Otherwise, I'll never use them up. This is also why the veg are butternut squash and cabbage this year.
It's sort of nice, in a way, to have these decisions made for me. I'm printing this recipe up to bake for Christmas.

I'm also a big fan of coffee in sweets, and think that coffee icecream is the greatest flavor ever.


I'm on the prowl, too, but I am leaning toward something with pumpkin. Last year I made your cranberry upside down cake - twice!


Sher, Deborah Madison is extraordinary and you were one of the people who made me pay attention to her, so thank you!

Patricia, I would happily add you to my group of taste testers. Although I might be so busy lobbying to be in your group of taste testers that being in mine wouldn’t be all that satisfying.

Fairfax, it’s a different take on pecan pie and I think it’s more satisfying. And aren’t you moving your office out of your kitchen? No excuses not to bake now.

zp, thanks! This tart shell is not particularly sweet and I thought it paired nicely with the filling. Most pecan pie crusts I’ve tasted have been classic pie crusts, and this is a tart crust which means butter rather than shortening.

Michelle, I feel exactly the same way. Unlike regular pecan pie that seems to be more about sweet than anything else, this one better showcases the pecans and other flavorings.

Miz S, thanks for being part of the taste test team (and for doing all the dishes).

Lydia, it seems that a lot of people find pecan pie overwhelming and this is a nice alternative.

Ximena, I love great labels too and I think of you whenever I see one.

Katie, oooohhh, dark chocolate pecan pie! That sounds sinfully good.

Deborah, I agree. It’s wonderful and I think it’s much better than a traditional pecan pie.

Thanks, passionate baker! Looks like you have some pretty wonderful stuff on your blog too.

Blueplate, thanks! My tarts’ looks are slowly improving. At least they’re no longer looking frankenstein-esque.

Bets, I hear you! My thighs suffer too.

Renata, I liked this crust, although I can’t say the vanilla came through in a big way. It was not too sweet which I liked and it was easy to handle which I also liked. Pie crust and I have never gone anywhere together and I’m just happy to find that I seem to be managing better with tart crusts. Deborah Madison describes this pastry as remaining short and tender no matter how much it’s handled.

Julie, thanks, I will definitely let you know. You are in food crawler's heaven there – a regular United Nations of foods.

Lindy, tarte tatin is a good choice and I’m considering making one of those too. And you’re a woman after my own heart. Coffee is my favorite flavor of ice cream too.

Mimi, it’s sort of fun to be prowling for dessert ideas, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to reading about what sort of pumpkin dessert you end up with.


I am completely enthralled by this. It just looks so tasty, and the coffee idea is brilliant.

cook eat FRET

this sounds like my kind of tart. ok. you may have convinced me to try again. these ingredients are making me salivate. i too love coffee flavored buttercreams and ice-cream.
i'm gonna go for it next month and will report back.


I give this hearty approval and I haven't even tried it. This looks like it would be great with an afternoon coffee. Yum.


uh huh yep yum!


wow, that looks yummy! I'm just an ardent fan of pecan pie...made one myself this thanksgiving and served it with bourbon-flavored whip cream!! people went nuts over it, including myself:)


I have cooked this a number of times! It is great and really WOWS your guests.

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