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YUM! I go to the downtown market, which opens soon. Yippee!


I wish I could get mâche where I live. Can't find the stuff anywhere and it's one of my favorite things. This salad looks like a keeper.


Lovely! Of all the ways I've tried asparagus, 'raw' isn't yet one! And that's just crazy since I always span off a few bits while prepping to cook. Thanks for the inspiration!


I've never had raw asparagus either, although it is almost raw when I stir fry it at times. This is a wonderful looking salad. I love pistachios in salad, they add a lovely texture to anything, but in salad, it's perfect. Thanks for the recipe! :)


Mache is my all-time, super-duper, total favorite lettuce, EVER. It's so sweet and floral and delicious - I could eat bowls of it every day. So glad you've discovered it!

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

Our farmer's market is still leaning towards flowers and apples, but I did see some dandelion greens and mâche on Saturday. Surprisingly, I've never tried mâche either but since it's fresh and available it's about time that I do. Sounds delicate and lovely, perfect for spring!


I love mache, we have it all the time. But the raw asparagus intrigues me. I was running out of things to do with them, so this is a godsend.


Asparagus showed up at the market yesterday. I lost my head. I bought two bundles. That's one each for me and the boyfriend. Crazy. This is such a lovely sounding recipe, but I think I'd like a combo of the two you mentioned most, crumbled egg yolks are so wonderful!


How very French of you! I used to eat it all the time when I first moved here and then I got tired of it. I will have to try it with your recipe!


Oh...my love of mache is epic! I've been known to dance about a store when I find it. I'm looking forward to trying this salad...when I find some mache.


I've never tried mache but clearly I need to.

I agree that the Gourmet Cookbook is terrific. It seems to have gotten a bad rap due to using that yellow type for the recipe titles, which may have been a bad choice, but surely not a reason to condemn the whole book!! But for some reason it doesn't seem to have caught on like other books.

Terry B

I was suspicious of the raw asparagus idea, but when I saw how thinly you sliced it, it sounded great. I bet it adds a nice crunch to the salad.

blue plate

I've been on a salad kick lately, so I'm going to try this. I don't eat a lot of mâche, but I'm not against it, and I love asparagus.


I bought some mache and asparagus today. This salad looks and sounds so refreshing and I can't wait to try it.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

I'm so glad to hear that your market has mache; it's a wonderfully delicate and flavorful salad green. I'm eager to try your recipe as I've got some asparagus waiting to be used up.

French Laundry at Home

That looks outstanding -- can't wait to get up to PA this weekend to the Central Markethouse in York and stock up on all sorts of goodness.


THink i am going to make this for preakness dinner!


I can't say I've ever had mache, unless it was snuck into a salad I had out. This looks and sounds delicious. Even with the asparagus, which I am usually no fan of


Interesting . . . it's so easy for me to get into a salad rut--thanks for the fresh new idea!


The raw asparagus and pistachio thing is a great combination. I made something similar with arugula, and it pretty much knocked my socks off.

Tiny Banquet Committee

I'll have to get that Susan Hermann Loomis book; there are two of her recipes on epicurious that I just love: a basic cheese quiche and an apple and rosemary tart. They're both superb.


Isn't it fun when we finally get access to some of those ingredients we've heard about for so long. Glad you're happily on the mache bandwagon.


Fairfax, I’m always excited when the downtown market opens. Except I like to go to the Waverly market and I don’t want to miss the downtown market so I end up going to both markets every weekend. I guess it’s kind of a recreational thing.

Mary, it may turn up at your farmer’s market. I’ve noticed that the variety at our local farmer’s market has very slowly but steadily expanded.

Alanna, it wasn’t something that would have occurred to me, but it really works well in this salad.

Sher, my stir fried asparagus is always more on the raw than the thoroughly cooked side. In fact, when asparagus loses its crispiness I find it unappealing.

Luisa, that’s interesting that you describe its flavor as floral. Susan Hermann Loomis describes it as violet.

Lisa, one of the things I like about the farmer’s market is being introduced to new vegetables. Although dandelions are on the list of things I’ve never tried.

Ximena, this is late, but I hope you saw Lindy’s asparagus soup recipe http://www.lindystoast.com/2007/05/still_cooking_v.html which looked like another interesting thing to do with asparagus.

Ann, asparagus season is short – I’d say it’s mostly over here – and you have to eat it while you can.

Angela, well you know my whole Paris obsession. I hadn’t thought of eating mâche as French, but now that you say it…

Vanessa, mâche is so new to me that it’s amazing to see how many people out there seem to have a long-time romance going with it.

Rebecca, the yellow type in the titles is frequently mentioned as a complaint in Amazon reviews and when I first picked the book up it bothered me. But now I find I don’t even notice it.

Terry B., I think slicing it thin is important. I also like raw vegetables or vegetables on the crunchy side but I know that not everyone does.

Blueplate, this is a salad that would work without the mâche. I think butter lettuce or even baby greens would work.

Anne, this salad is full of good things for a pregnant woman. All that folic-acid sort of stuff. Good for you!

Susan, I hope you like it.

FL@H, the Central Markethouse in York? I haven’t thought about that place in years. What a great place to go.

John, maybe you’ll like asparagus better raw. There are vegetables that I don’t care for at all in their cooked state but which I love raw.

Sarah, I’m usually in a salad rut myself so I understand.

Lindy, I like the arugula idea. And that’s certainly a lot more available than mâche, at least where I am.

TBC, I just took a look at those. They sound great. I have really enjoyed her French Farm House Cooking book and also another one she did on American Farm House Cooking.

Tea, yes, absolutely! And one of the great things about food blogging is constantly being introduced to new things.

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Not much on my mind recently. Basically nothing seems important. So it goes. Today was a complete loss.

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