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happy blogiversary - that cake looks amazing...I was blown away by the cooperative/communityesque nature of the foodblog world and I'm glad I'm here...and really glad you're here.

Here's to filling the decade with reasons to love food and kitchens...I think you need some champagne today!


Congratulations! You must be so pleased with your stellar efforts. I don't really cook, but I love reading about cooking.


Kitchenography. I have been thinking of it like geography, a map of the kitchen, a map of a personal kind of miniature or expansive space that is real and imaginary and sensory and that moves back and forth through history.


Happy blogiversary! I want some of that cake.


Happy Blogaversary!!! When I opened your site and saw that cake, I gasped in admiration (and food lust). Now that's food porn! I love your description of blog neighborhoods. That's so accurate, a great way to sum it up. I've enjoyed meeting you, neighbor. Any time I see Baltimore mentioned, I think of you! And the name of your blog is terrific.


Happy Birthday kitchenography!! So glad to have you in the neighborhood. Great thoughts on how it is a neighborhood. It seems striking how so many of us find that aspect so good and yet unexpected.
Great cake. That's a good book!


Happy Blogiversary! I'm new to the food-blog gig, but I'm loving it (in addition to my life blogging, which I'm NOT so new at.)

Food bloggers are definitely the nicest kind!

the bee

Happy Anniversary !!!
We so enjoy your column. You forgot to mention your very witty readers that post comments.
I have also expanded my horizons in cooking thanks to you .
It is cold this week . I want someone to cook for me and then feed me from a spoon. I am feeling a little lethargic. Anyone else?


And thank you. I've enjoyed your writing and your cooking very much. I've made a few of your recipes, and have been very pleased with each one of them. Happy Blogiversary!

Linda, The Village Vegetable

happy blog bday and please oh please save me a piece of that cake. you know i can't bake!



Also, thank god you skipped the whole referring to yourself in the third person idea because that would make my brain sad.


Aw, blog anniversaries also bring out my sentimental side. Congratulations! That looks like a delicious cake.

Miz S

Dude! Happy anniversary!


It's gorgeous ... wish I could have a slice!


Dudette, this blog rocks.

So does that photo.



Happpy B-day! I love reading your blog and I especially love that I can ask you for recipes and you will direct me in the right direction.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

So does this mean starting sentences with "Dawg" is out too?

Happy blogiversary, Julie! I've loved visiting Kitchenography since the first time I clicked on it! Wishing you many more years of blogging(for your sake and for ours!)


I've never cared much for bananas. BUT, stick them with ice cream, with chocolate, or in a cake and I'll hungrily slurp them up. Sugar makes nearly anything wonderful.


Happy Blog anniversary! That cake looks so decadent. I just ordered the Tish boyle's cake book and I'm excited to try my first recipe !


Congratulations on the blogiversary (did I spell that right). I've always admired the name of your blog, and I've always liked seeing what you're up to over in Baltimore. (side note: my brother moved to Baltimore a while ago, so I really appreciate your city photos; I had no idea what Baltimore lookied like before.)

The cake sound awesome. I always have spare bananas, but I end up wasting them in unsatisfying muffins (lately I am cursed by muffins). When I saw the pic, I thought it was a brown sugar frosting, and I just about swooned at the thought. I wouldn't go for coffee and bananas, but I might have to try this and see if there's such a thing as brown sugar buttercream.

I do wish I had more justification for baking cakes (or at least more people to feed them to). Reading other bloggers, I always wonder what they do with all the cakes they get to make. I'd love to have that book, but I just can't rationalize it.


damn! that looks delicious. banana cake is so yummy, and caramel espresso butter cream...WOW!


Dude, it's been a year already? Happy Anniversary. I love your site and think you have not only a talent for cooking, but for writing. Keep up the good work! (And I adore your blogging sister!!!)


omg, Happy Blogday Julie!! It's been a wonderful year reading your posts and recipes! may you have many, many more!


happy anniversary, Julie. one year is a long time of blogging, and I look forward to a lot more.

blue plate

Happy Anniversary. Yea! You go, girl! And dude, your banana cake rocks! ; ) Blue Plate


Yes, a happy Blogiversary to you. Who ever would've thought that we'd be using a word like "Blogiversary" and have it make sense?

Thanks for such a great year of recipes and andecdotes. And for refraining from writing in the third person.

Terry B

Happy blogiversary! Your first year [and a day] journey has been much like my first three+ months. Full of excitement and discovery. The biggest discovery to me has been one you talk about: An amazing community of fellow bloggers. And thanks to the Internet, it's an international one! I recently had Brazilian blogger Patricia [of Technicolor Kitchen] post a recipe on my blog, and I will soon post one on hers.

Again, Happy blogiversary. What a fun, exciting place we've found, er, dude.


Happy happy Blogday! I love your blog and am so glad to have "found" you on the vast internets.

hungry girl

Just found your blog, will visit again. I have just started a food blog a few months ago - do drop by!

Baltimore Snacker

Happy blogiversary! I like to use a very similarly-colored chocolate buttercream frosting recipe that I get from the Domino's Sugar box. I love that the frosting gets hard, because of the milk in the recipe. Maybe I'll try cream next time to see how it turns out. Sometimes I get all sciency and adventurous, like Alton Brown.

the bee

Happy b-day JUJUbee! Is this cake a b-day cake also ? I am inviting you and the sister to lunch or dinner at fabulous Black's Bar and Kitchen. Let me know when. the bee


Happy blogiversary.I'm so glad you decided to do it-I look forward to reading your blog, for the writing and for the ideas- and most of all, for the distinctive voice. And so, I hope there will be many happy returns.For my own sake.


Nicola, thanks and I think champagne would be perfect.

Fairfax, well, thanks for reading! I’m happy to continue cooking!

zp, I like your definition of kitchenography MUCH better.

Leah, I’m sending virtual cake your way!

sher, thanks, and you get one of the foodblogland good neighbor awards.

Tanna, that is a good book! I’ve really enjoyed it.

Abby, food bloggers are the nicest. They’re a civilized bunch.

Bets, you’re right! I do have some witty commenters. (Yes, I’m talking to you, Bets!)

Jules, thanks! And you were one of the first people who linked to me and I still remember how completely exciting that was. A link!

Linda, you definitely get a piece of cake. You deserve it after eating all those nice healthy vegetables!

Kristen, yep, it really was a good thing. It would have made my brain sad too. And possibly embarrassed.

Natalia, thanks! It was a pretty delicious cake.

Miz S, dude! (Just wanted to say it again.)

Ivonne, thanks! I’m sending you a virtual piece too.

Mimi, right on! (And thanks!)

Angela, ask away, I’m always happy to help!

Susan, I think dawg is another one I just can’t make work for me. Sigh.

Michelle, sugar makes nearly anything wonderful could be one of my mottoes.

Veron, it’s a wonderful book. You’re going to love it.

Little bouffe, a brown sugar buttercream sounds delicious. Actually though, the coffee flavor works pretty well with bananas. (And I had no idea your brother was in Baltimore – small world!)

Aria – the buttercream was especially delicious. But a pound of butter and a cup and a half of cream -- yikes!

Vanessa, you were also one of the first people to link to me. Thank you again and thanks for reading.

ann, thank you for the blogday wishes!

lobstersquad, one year is a long time. On the other hand, it’s gone by so fast!

blue plate, thanks for the kind words!

Anne, just consider my refraining from writing in the third person one of the things I do in order to be a good citizen of the blogosphere (another of those words it’s hard to believe we use.)

Terry B., that cross posting is a great idea. Makes it even more of a neighborhood.

Luisa, thanks! Yours was the first food blog I read regularly and commented on. Glad I found you too.

hungry girl, thanks. I’ll check out your blog!

Baltimore snacker, sciency and adventurous is the way to go.

Lindy, thanks for the kind words! Your blog was the second food blog I read regularly and commented on. (I’m feeling very sentimental.)


Happy blog birthday, Julie--I hadn't realized you were as new to blogging as I am; you are such a pro!

I'm not fond of bananas but the frosting on your cake sounds divine. What's a little heavy cream and butter between friends?!


I'm late, I'm sorry! Happy Anniversary/ Blogday Kitchenography!! (Btw, I love that name, it's what attracted me and had me clicking into your blog in the first place). And can I just say, you are a terrific writer, story teller, blogger. :) That's why I keep coming back for more.


Another late arrival but happy blog-birthday! I hope there's a slice of cake left ...


Christine, you're so sweet! Many thanks.

Alanna, thanks. And I'm happy to share my cake with you.


Congrats on a year! I'm continuously surprised by the sense of community that bloggers create. I've also tried making lots of things that I never would have otherwise, it's been a really good experience.


Congrats to on your Blogiversary! I recently discovered your blog and enjoy checking in to see "what's cooking"? :) I am new to the blogging world. My Blog, A Couple of Cooks, is all of four weeks old and I hope I can keep the momentum going and continue to grow and expand my little blog. Keep up the good work!


Hi there! Looks yummy! I just posted about Classic Banana Layer Cake at dishingup.wordpress.com. Check it out if you can!


I guess none of the people commenting here actually attempted to make this cake. Step # 2 says to sift together several ingredients, including cinnamon and cardomon, and neither of them is given an amount in the main recipe. I sure hope this cake comes out all right. I have it in the oven, but lost faith after I saw the two eliminated ingredients.


It looks so delicious i like this so much thank you for sharing your recipe. :)



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