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I don't even work and I still get that feeling! I also like that pioneer sort of feeling I get from putting a dinner together out of what I already have rather than going out to the grocery store.

Wonderful soup and great post!

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

There's nothing better than being snowed in, especially if you have enough provisions. What a cozy feeling indeed. And even though I haven't had breakfast yet, I so want to make your Lime Crème Fraîche--it sounds scrumptious!

Terry B

There must have been a sale on carrots or something. Bloggers everywhere are making carrot soup. I must say, though, Julie, yours sounds the most interesting. I think the lime creme fraiche is what did it for me.

Enjoy your snow day--sounds cozy and fun. I'm not sure what it would take here in Chicago to get us a snow day.


you lucky dogs!! All we got was some slippery ice. When I left for work yesterday it felt like i was walking on ball bearings!
and yes, that soup looks amazing... I'll have to have soupmaster boyfriend make it for me. No alpha cooks in our kitchen! (well, that's a lie, he's soupmaster alpha chef, I'm everything else alpha chef ;-)

Susan from Food "Blogga"

I feel cold just from reading your post. ;) According to my mom in RI, everything is covered in ice there.

What a vibrantly colored bowl of soup, and the addition of lime and creme fraiche sounds fantastic. Thanks!


Lime and jalapeno in a carrot soup and sleet and snow. Wow, that is a combo made in heaven. Funny what it may took to get you over your carrot soup thing. I always enjoy carrot soup and this one looks divine!
Beautiful feeling like a 10 year old out of school!


That isn't soup!!! That's a work of art. As soon as I saw it, I thought I was looking at a beautiful painting--the colors and the way the lime creme swirls so beautifully in the carrot soup! I love the whole thing--the recipe, the colors, and the writing in the post!


That is a beautiful soup. I love the colors and the way you've swirled them. I bet it's delicious.

Baltimore Snacker

It is a gorgeous-sounding soup. I always feel bad when I cheer for snow closings because my job shuts down in this kind of weather and so many others' do not. I feel evil, heheh. And then I go back to my hot cocoa and tomato and red pepper soup from Trader Joe's and I stop feeling so bad.


That soup sounds delicious! I was back to work today as well, and the wind and cold had me primed for a good bowl of soup. I opted for something much less elegant, though. Good ol' oyster stew. I'm definitely going to give this a try.


jealous! we haven´t gone below 10ºc this year yet, very annoying, soup-wise. I used to hate cooked carrots, too, but overcame it eventually.


Fabulous picture!

Unfortunately, in the newspaper biz there is no such thing as a snow day. We're like the post office - except we don't close on Sundays!

And I'm with you on mushy carrots. Ick. I do like them roasted, though!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Snow Day...I can still remember the feeling of waking up and realizing it was a Snow Day!

Not recently in Alabama for sure!

the bee

the bee works for a 24 hr company so alas there was no snow day- just a get your butt to work sooner day. The soup will comfort me after a hard day of work.
I also need something to take the edge off Matt's snow day boredom .
Does Sandra Lee have a Mocktail for him? For me ?


There is nothing better than making soup on snow days. We had the ice storm here in Rhode Island, too. I made a huge pot of turkey-escarole soup!

Ari (Baking and Books)

The soup alone sounds great but that lime creme fraiche make it all sound fantastic!


Delurking to tell you how much I love your site. Is Martick's still open in Balto? I haven't been there in years......


Yes, Martick's is still open. Morris is about 86 now but he's not slowing down at all.


Which place of employment was shut down by the storm?


We never get days off work or school. :(

That soup sounds fabulous. How would you transport it for work? Take the creme fraiche along in a separate container? Or reheat it all together?


We never get days off work or school. :(

That soup sounds fabulous. How would you transport it for work? Take the creme fraiche along in a separate container? Or reheat it all together?


It looks beautiful! I love the addition of the lime creme fraiche too!


Yummy and the swirls are so cool. I never get stuff to turn out that way.

blue plate

I've not had carrot soup, but yours looks so good that I might try it. And it's such a lovely color, too.


Oh my. When I read Lime Creme Fraiche I didn't have to read anything else. I MUST try this. Like you, I'm not crazy about carrots in soup, but I can imagine how the lime and pepper would temper the sweetness. YUM


That swirl looks wonderful and soup is definitely the perfect snow day food!


Oh, the soup looks beautiful! I made carrot curry soup the other day and tried swirling the creme fraiche on top with not so great results. At least it tasted good though!


I made this soup as soon as I read your post and was shocked by how great it is! I have the same aversion to cooked carrots, but figured if you could get over yours, I might get over mine. I'll be making this again and again!


You are right about a grocery store before a snow storm!

We are having our first big one of the season today. Good thing we had five days to prepare.

the bee

Jujubee ... Where are you ?


I hate snow, but I love being snowed in. Is that a contradiction or what? I hate snow that you still have to function in!
This soup looks fantastic!


I've always made my carrot soup with orange, so I'd be very interested to try this, especially with that jalapeno thrown in. I'll have to give your version a shot.


Rebecca, I love that pioneer spirit thing too although I sometimes extend the pioneer spirit to include walking to the Rite-Aid (through ice and snow!) for things like canned broth.

Lisa, being snowed in with provisions and not a reason in the world to leave the house is one of the coziest feelings I know.

Terry B, you and other Chicagoans would have a good laugh at the way snow is treated here. Two inches is enough to throw everyone into a panic. Four inches will close the city. If there is the slightest hint of snow in the weather forecast there is a constant crawl on the bottom of the screen about the upcoming snow.

ann, having your own personal soup master sounds like a wonderful thing.

Susan, this time of year the cold makes me wish I lived in some place nice and warm like southern California. But spring is just around the corner and nothing is as glorious as an east coast spring.

Tanna, lime and jalapeno and sleet and snow are a great combination. I reccomend it highly.

Thanks, Sher! It did feel a little like sunshine in a bowl. Just the rhing for a grey day.

Natalia, thanks. The swirly thing does make a pretty presentation. And it's fun. A little bit like painting but with a fork instead of a brush.

Baltimore Snacker, for years I had one of those jobs where I never had a snow day off so I don't feel too guilty about enjoying them now.

Charles, we've definitely had some soup weather here. I'm glad we seem to finally have moved into warmer weather. And oyster soup sounds like a great thing for a cold day.

Ximena, as much as I like a snowstorm, your weather sounds pretty ok to me. Because while I love a snowstorm dealing with the cold aftermath is not quite as fun and exciting.

Abby, I am most familiar with not having snow days, and having worked through them and now getting to stay home for them, I can definitely say they are a lot more fun at home.

Sandi, I think some things just stay with you!

Bets, funny! I remember snow being just a "Get your butt to work earlier day." Hope yours was ok.

Lydia, that was some big storm! Turkey-escarole soup sounds like a good thing for an ice storm.

Ari, the lime creme fraiche is excellent, although the soup is even good without it. But ok, it's better with it.

Thanks, DinerGirl! I like your site too. I have never been to Martick's and I know I should before Morris retires.

FAIRFAX, thanks for the info. It's a place I've always wanted to go but somehow never have...

Will, what -- Thom didn't fill you in on the details?

Cazza, do you actually ever get snow in Melbourne? And yes, I would put the lime creme fraiche in one container and the carrot soup in another and transport them to work that way.

Thanks, Freya! The lime creme fraiche was definitely good stuff.

Angela, I was just lucky that my swirls turned out that well.

blueplate, I would recommend it. And it's good for you too.

Anne, this soup was actually perfectly balanced. Startlingly good.

Brilynn, soup and snowdays are natural partners. You need a big pot of steaming something on the stove when the snow starts to fall.

Abby, I was shocked by how good it was also! I'm glad you liked it.

Mimi, there is nothing worse than a grocery store before a snow storm! Sounds as if you really got hammered with some big storms out in Wisconsin lately.

Kristen, I love being snowed in, and I love snow when it first falls but I've usually had enough after a day or two. Of course, we don't usually deal with anything like the snow amounts you do in the midwest.

littlebouffe, this is the first carrot soup I've ever made but I thought it was delicious.


That looks and sounds divine! Carrot with jalapeno and cayenne and creme fraiche? I have to try this!


mmmm, i LOVW carrot and ginger soup! always makes you feel so healthy too . your recipe looks divine! oy, what i would do for a storm her in this desert!!!

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