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what a great post. i love looking through them seeing what to cook this wekend. thx!!


This list is wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to post all these links. I'm going to cook this weekend, too.

anna maria

Thank you for putting that together. I've printed a couple that sound just right!


Oh, boy. That was a really neat idea!!


At last I know how much butter is in a stick!!!!

Can someone tell me what 'grits' are, please?

I am still amazed at how similar our cultures are and yet how foreign.

I'll be printing some of these out to try when the weather gets a bit cooler.


THANK YOU for summarizing these lists here for us. You're the best! :)


how useful and thoughtful! thanks Julie!


Thanks for doing that; it was fun looking through the lists, and I printed out several recipes!


Thank you so much for that!!! You're fabulous to do that for us.


Thank you for putting together this list! Very thoughtful. I'm hoping the posts stick around long enough for me to browse through them all. And thanks, too, for your nice words about my truffles. I'm already thinking about next year's flavors.

the bee

Happy New Year !!!
I love the lists and will make some things off it. Lamb popsicles?
Maybe not. We miss your funny comments to our comments.
The peanut brittle was a huge hit in my home. Next stop will be the chocolate chip cookies.
Salud !!!!


great! I love a list, and a list of lisft even more. thanks.


A fine idea. I'm off to explore,

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