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the bee

In Bethesda, Sala Thai is the best.
I will take you next time you are here. This looks yummy but is more work than I am willing to do.
Did you eat anything w/ this?
A nice spring roll perhaps?
It is now very cold and I am making some stuffed pork chops tommorow. MMMMM. Call when you are ready for truly great Thai food served by some of the nicest people on earth. the bee


Wow, that is a beautiful fresh looking soup. Wish I could have shared. Oh, and a spring roll would have been perfect with it.

Homesick Texan

I've never cooked with tamarind before, but love the flavor. This soup sounds so bright and delicious!


I don't understand...there are no artichokes in it. It looks beautiful actually...


Julie... That's gorgeous! I would do it with basil, since I hate cilantro.


Everything I hear about Vietnamese food makes me so want to try some. No restaurants here, though. Will have to be content that at least we´re beginning to have decent Chinese.


Thrilling! That's my favorite thing to order in Vietnamese restaurants. And when you've tried a GREAT version, nothing else measures up. Thanks for the recipe, I can't wait to try this myself.


This will be my first attempt at Vietnamese cooking. Wish me luck--the picture was too good to pass up.

Susan at Food "Blogga"

Oh, I just love Vietnamese cooking. And this is a lovely bowl of soup. I'll make it just like yours for my husband, and I'll put tofu in mine! :) Thanks!


Mmmmm...this is one of my favorite soups too. I tried making it and it didn't turn out right. Now I know why!


Delicious soup, though I can't agree that chili peppers would be optional! They are absolutely required!!!


I think I would like this — it looks filling but slimming, savory and fresh at once.

blue plate

Tamarind is a wonderful thing. It's the secret to the sour in South East Asian cooking. Your soup looks delicious.


I am going to make this this weekend-it sounds perfectly wonderful.


Julie... I went to Han Au Reum last night, which has been renamed H-Mart! gaaack! I saw a bunch of tamarind, but resisted buying it. I also wandered up to the Seoul Mart, where they have another big "international" grocery store. A little scarier than H-Mart, but no crowds. Hmmm.


I have to make that!! It looks marvelous--all those flavors. And using the fresh pineapple would make it very special. I love tamarind.


This looks so refreshing and clean; I will have to try it. LAtely I've been hemming and hawing over Vietnamese cookbooks: there aren't enough for me to guess about any standouts, but I'll look into this one.



Bets, I’ve been to Sala Thai (ages ago) and it is good. Yes, we’ll have to go sometime.

Tanna, it is a pretty soup and I don’t think this picture really captures it. It would have been fun to have you here to share it and I agree with you that a spring roll would have been a good addition.

Homesick Texan, it’s inexpensive and easy to use. As you probably know, it’s also used sometimes in Mexican cooking.

Nicola, I know, no artichokes. But I’m trying to take just a little break from my obsession.

Fairfax, cilantro is not necessary. Mint is also good.

lobstersquad, Vietnamese food is extraordinary. If you ever get the chance to try it, you should.

Luisa, it’s simple to make. Of course, you have access to lots and lots of Vietnamese restaurants. Not that I’m envious, or anything.

Michelle, I wished you lots of luck. I hope it went well.

Susan, excellent idea. Tofu is another good riff.

Anne, tamarind seems to be the secret ingredient.

Lydia, I had it for ages in different restaurants before I had a version with chili peppers. I prefer it without but maybe that’s because my first experience with the soup did not include chilis.

Mimi, yes, all reasons why I like it.

blue plate, this soup was my first experience with tamarind and it’s a great flavor.

Lindy, I hope you like it.

Fairfax, H-Mart is a pretty impressive place. In the city you can also buy it at the Asian market (not sure what the name of it is) at 523Gorsuch Ave right by the new Giant.

sher, it’s very unusual and extremely good. I bet you’d like it.

Renata, I enjoy this one and Mai Pham’s Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table. I also have my eye on the new one by Andrea Nguyen.


This is It!! the soup that my local vietnamese restaurant recently removed from the menu, much to my dismay. I had been eating it for 20 years and suddenly it was not available. This is fabulous. I have made it three times with great success. Thank you!!!


What was your local restaurant thinking when they took such an amazingly great soup off the menu? That's crazy stuff.

But it really is pretty easy to make at home. Glad you enjoyed it.


Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny.
-- Frank Hubbard



I'm new here, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.


I tried it in a restaurant and it was realy good but it was to spicy for me because they had chili in it.

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