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Welcome back! I love anything with nuts. So, I suppose I could try it with another kind of nut? Hazelnuts? I love hazelnuts...love them...

By the way, I'm off to the store for a couple of ingredients to make the dog biscuits (and I'll let you know if you can market them to the other side of the universe...the feline side)...Happy, happy Christmas to you and yours Julie!


Mmmm, salt-sprinkled peanut brittle sounds so much better than regular old peanut brittle. Thanks for the recipe. Enjoy the holidays!


If it had sea salt I would've been licking it! Great tip on the book series, too---I haven't given them a try, yet.

Happy Holidays!


Yum! It's the best thing for cold winter days. You can find it all over Northern India at this time of the year made especially tasty by the use of jaggery (raw cane sugar). I have never tried making it at home, but I could try substituting the sugar with jaggery and see what happens.

Happy Holidays!


Yeah, me too. Kitchen chaos. I don't plan meals but I'm always cooking and then suddenly I'm thinking Jason's coming in today and the bed's not made and what are we having for dinner.
The brittle looks brilliant.


I wasn't worried. I figured you were watching a marathon viewing of The Wire!! :):) Well, it is good to have you back--and you came back with a vengeance. That peanut brittle looks perfect to me!!! Have a great holiday!!!!

the bee

This looks soooo yummy,please see my comments in your sisters post so you will know why I will be making and eating this by the pound.I have a stressful 45th b-day coming up in a few days.. the bee just wants to be alone with her peanut brittle.
Merry Christmas to you jujubee and the lawyerman and that wonderful son of yours. Oh, the dogs too if you insist . The bee


Oh. My. Gosh!!! I was looking for a recipe for cranberry upside down cake and found this site. I just moved back to Baltimore (it doesn't let you go!) and love your photos. They're so evocative of the city. I have bookmarked you!


I am not crazy about peanut brittle either, but this looks really good.


I've never made my own peanut brittle but maybe I'll try it for gifts next year; this looks so good. I did make several batches of caramels this year and Leland suggested I sprinkle them with sea salt. I guess candy sprinkled with sea salt is the thing right now.

I know what you mean about trying to find time to blog in the week or so before Christmas; pretty well impossible!

Becky Taylor

May I use your picture of peanut brittle for educational purposes? I am comparing peanut brittle to a "cold collapse" in of lava tubes for teaching geology. [email protected]


34um03 Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)

Sean Butcher

I love the whole grain peanut brittle, it's like eating nuts and rock candy at the same time. The sweetness is just off the wall. Whole grain is better than crushed peanuts because they keep the nutrients and vitamins on the nuts. I would suggest you sprinkle sesame seeds on top, just to accent the color.

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