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What a great recipe and your picture is just mouth watering.
I also really like your pumpkin panna cotta recipe.


Oh my Lord!!! I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and looking at that beautiful cake! I wish I had some right now. That caramel cream is going to haunt my dreams tonight. Love marscapone


Ohh! That looks so divine and moist. I don't think we use pumpkin enough! Caramel mascarpone whipped cream sounds like the four best words I've heard in a long time.


Don't you think pumpkin is a very good obsession, it's a veggie!
I really do need to break down and get this book.
Love the look and sound of this cake.


Y'know, I think pumpkin ,mascarpone, and caramel must be meant for one another. This looks and sounds brilliant.
I am thinking that the next time I have a birthday cake to make-I'm going with Tish's banana cake with chocolate espresso frosting. The picture of that one is beckoning to me.




That looks divine. Esp. the marscapone cream.


I just gained a kilo looking at that photo.


oh my goodness Caramel Mascarpone Whipped Cream!! i dont think it gets much better than this, MMMMM! i'll take a troft full please!


I too have "baking issues", that stem from a deep fear of measuring, I think. But this does look wonderful....

the bee

Just before I die I want someone to place this cake in my mouth.
It can also be blended and I will drink it. As Ina Garten would say " How bad could this be " ?
I want some .


would it be rude to ask for just a bowl of the whipped cream?? lol, god, that sounds AWESOME!


I had a client once with an oven like yours -- drove me bats! But that cake sounds good.


I love that about counting the eggshells in the trash! As for quirks, my oven doesn´t even bother to have temperature settings, it´s either on or off. Nightmare.


Oh dear, you didn't burn yourself on the caramel syrup did you? This sounds excellent, especially with all the delicious sounding topping mounded on it! I don't know what it is about pumpkin this time year, but it's definitely on all of our brains here in the US. I'm curious to see what Hawaii is like this time of year and if it's similar! I totally understand your oven issues - we have the same problem (mostly we're 100 degrees too hot, in the back of the oven) and if I wanted to use broil I'm afraid it would spontaneously combust!!

Have a good day!


Well, well, well ... looks like the pumpkin pie at my Thanksgiving table will have a little competition this year ... but I can guess which one will have a leftover ... and I'm betting my money on the leftover pie ... cake looks wonderful!

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I don't bake much either, but this looks like a yummy exception!


This looks like a very tasty afternoon snacking cake.


I think I'd be happy with just the whipped cream and a spoon. It sounds, and looks, delicous! And I wouldn't say no to a little of that cake on the side.

blue plate

Great picture! I've not had much success with pumpkin cake--my attempts come out too dense. But your cake looks moist, not heavy. And the whipped cream looks like a mound of sweet, creamy fluff--I wanna put my finger in and steal a taste.


WOW - you should bake more! ;)
it looks absolutely delicious, well done!


I love that cookbook. I got it the day it came out and it so beautiful. I also like her "Diner Desserts" book.

the bee

Julie- I have an extra set of white beautiful bone china that I will be happy to lend - comes w/ all the serving pieces - call me !!

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