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Wow, I love the sound of that but then I'm easily taken in with garlic. That Best American Recipes year series has provided some spectacular dishes.
Sounds like a great Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Miz S

It was, indeed, a lovely Thanksgiving. Apparently I am too lazy to update my blog, so maybe I will just send my readers over here.

the bee

What? You did not make your own chairs and table? No pottery wheel dishes ? You make me feel so lazy though we fed 20 w/ homemade food it took four of us to cook.
Miz S, we want your take on the fun. No rest for the weary.
Glad you had fun . Your soup was yummy btw .


Chutney is one of my favorite "innovations" on the Thanksgiving table. When I was growing up, it was cranberry "sauce" from a can -- I remember my mother sliding it out onto a plate, and she would let me cut it because it was such slippery fun. The taste, tho, was something else.... Chutney will last through the winter, if you've made a lot of it when the cranberries are plentiful. Enjoy!


I am completely obsessed with the photo of this entry. I can't stop staring at it! It's so good.


what a beautiful picture! chutney sounds great, i have a newfound appreciation for cranberries for some reason lately :)


i love chutney and cranberry chutney sounds wonderful The list of ingredients sounds great and I know this would taste fabulous on a sandwich or with roasted chicken.


What a great sounding dinner. Cranberries and blueberries sound like a great combo. I always found cranberry sauce too sweet and this recipe sounds perfect.

blue plate

I love a good cranberry sauce with my turkey. I'll need to remember your recipe for the future. It sounds delicious.


I bet the sandwiches next day are the best thing ever. It´s my favourite part about roasting chicken, so imagine a great whopping turkey.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I'm going to sound like a broken record, but that photo is exquisitely stunning!


man, now you're making me wish i DID have a turkey, so there'd be leftovers.... buh!
what a pretty centerpiece!!


Ohmygod so yummy I could eat all over again! I so agree with Tanna, I was so worn out from THX dinner and guests that blogging was a stretch. I love your cranberry chutney idea; my mother in law made the cranberry sauce and I added a second option: a bowl of my blueberry chutney. I am lovin' chutneys!

BTW LOVE the photo. You should print it and frame it.


Everything sounds so delicious! But, tell us, how in the world do you manage with the dining room on another floor??

Mrs. S

But you didn't say what YOU are thankful for... besides dinner being a success, I mean.


I agree with the others about the stunning photo, and the chutney sounds fabulous!


Tanna, I've really enjoyed the Best Recipes series too. They're a nicely curated collection of recipes.

Miz S, I personally think they need the Miz S spin but feel free to send them here.

Bets, you did more than I did. I had lots of help cooking. I only made the pie, the pumpkin panna cotta, and the cranberry sauce.

Lydia, that's good to know that it will keep because I still have some left.

Luisa, thanks! These were our center pieces for Thanksgiving dinner before but I didn't get a picture of them on Thanksgiving.
This was the day after in the late afternoon light.

aria, me too! I think I like cranberries more than I have in the past.

Sher, you're right, it would taste wonderful with roast chicken. Roast pork too.

Anne, the cranberry-blueberry pie was a REALLY good combination. I've never had it before and I really enjoyed it.

blue plate, this sauce has a more pronounced sweet and sour aspect than a traditional cranberry sauce which I thought really worked well with the turkey.

lobstersquad, I think turkey sandwiches the next day are a lot of people's favorite part of Thanksgiving.

Lisa, thanks. I think it's that dreamy late afternoon light that does it.

ann, I was pretty envious of your clam Thanksgiving. I don't know if I'd trade leftovers for that.

janelle, blueberry chutney sounds like a great idea. Chutney is definitely a more interesting idea to me now than the more traditional cranberry sauce.

Vanessa, we went up and down the stairs A LOT! It was a combo T'giving dinner - aerobics workout. Not a bad thing.

Mrs. S, I can never really give a straight answer at those times. It always makes me all too, too emotional. So I say stupid smart-assed things instead.

Rebecca, thank you!


TsDnuG Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)


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