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Mizter S.

I did not expect many kids for Halloween this year. When mine were tots we used to get better than a hundred, but the kid level has waned to almost nothing over the years. So my plan was to leave a big EMPTY bowl by the front door with a sign that read “Take One”. But Mary wouldn’t let me. My other option was to put yellow police tape around the door and spill a can of tomato soup on the stoop. Again, Mary said no. So in the end I just turned off the lights and put the sprinkler on the front lawn. Trick or Treat!


Sob, sob, sob....I missed Halloween so much last night!


I can't believe you have that many kids on Halloween. I didn't have any. Not one. Got to eat all the candy myself.


What a wonderful fall dinner!

I wasn't expecting many trick or treaters since the rain was coming down in absolute sheets here but we gave out over $70 worth of candy, didn't count the pieces. At first we were putting 2 each in their bags but then we switched to one when they kept coming and coming! I did feel sorry for the parents walking their little ones around and gave a little prayer of thanks that at last I'm finished with that.


I'm new in my neighbourhood, and had absolutely no idea what to expect. Good thing I stock up on candy! I gave out about four big boxes.

I find that kids who are into it are easy to tell -- they have fun, they smile, joke, etc... And then there are those (older ones) that just look at you like you owe them something.

But all in all, this was the best Halloween, and I'm looking forward to next year.

PS: The salad looks gorgeous!

blue plate

Hmmm, many moons ago, I was one of those kids trick-or-treating--maybe not in your neighborhood, but somewhere in Maryland.

And I like to think I was a fairly nice child who said thank you after the candy was dropped in my pillow case. : )


Wow! We had about 10 and were pleased! When we lived in a row house it was different but out here, there aren't as many kids. Last year we did get the O'Malley children, they live close by, but I guess they are too busy this year!


Sounds like a great night. I love the idea of adults who are trick or treating on behalf of their imaginary/invisible children!

And I am definitely trying that soup. It sounds wonderful.


We had around 300 kids for Halloween--and I gave away my last piece of candy with the last person who came to the door. Phew! Dodged a bullet there! Each year we get more and more kids.

That salad is incredible. I can't imagine anything better. All those contrasting flavors! Yum. And the soup sounds excellant.


Bacon and goat cheese. Holy Cow. Now that is my kind of salad.


I really miss trick-or-treaters living in this city. Your Halloween sounds almost Norman Rockwell-esque.

I trick-or-treated up until 9th grade. I just couldn't give it up. But I always wore a real costume.

I'm going to try this hot bacon dressing tonight. It sounds delish.

the bee

No butter or cream? The American Dairy Farmers might just come and egg your house. There, have some dairy. The salad looks very yummy and you obviously had more, and more interesting trick or treaters then we had in Bethesda.We had on treater that looked old enough to marry. Now Josh, next year a simple chalk outline drawing of a kid clutching a treat bag and some yellow tape would be good. No need to ask Miz S. she has already said it is ok. Now Julie, let's not make Paula Deen sad. The American Heart Association can always be wrong. Look at those silly signs on elevators that tell you to take the stairs.In the event of fire I need to get out quickly. How can I do that if I am on a staircase ?
( a little alarm company humor )
Cook some more and we will be here for you providing Tom Shales like humor.


wow! 400 trick-or-treaters? that's amazing! i've only had 4 in my entire life!! I grew up on a farm so no one came out that far or down our very long driveway; and for whatever reason I seem to pick houses to live where there aren't any kids out on halloween! those 4 actually came this halloween; in two groups, and one of the groups contained 2 15-year olds! so I think I gave each group half my bowl of candy...i'm jealous of your 400!

I like the simplicity of your soup; i've had her potato soup, but the leeks would be a wonderful addition, and it sounds healthy to boot - a perfect balance to such a delicious sounding salad. mmmm...


Mizter S, we always expect kids for Halloween. We brace for it. And I'm worried about your curmudgeonly ways.

Angela, Halloween is something I would miss too. I really enjoy it.

Vanessa, for years in our old suburban neighborhood we never got kids. This is actually a lot more fun.

Rebecca, I'd say you had a pretty good showing for a rainy night. We had perfect, almost balmy weather.

Vasilisa, it's fun to move to a neighborhood and find that Halloween is a big deal there, isn't it?

blue plate, the pillow case! That's a classic. I actually saw a few pillow cases although far more plastic grocery bags.

Rachel, did the mayor's kids have a police escort? Not that that would be a bad thing.

Annulla, the soup I highly recommend. It's amazing to me how good it manages to be with so few ingredients.

sher, that was good it worked out. Some years we've watched the next group of kids in the distance, realized we didn't have enough for everyone, and closed down shop then and there, hastily blowing out the candle in the jack-o-lantern and scrambling to get inside.

Grant, it's not a virtuous salad. But it's very tasty.

Anne, think Norman Rockwell in the 'hood.

bets, there was cheese! That should count for something. Even if it was from goats.

Michelle, it's the 15-year-old trick-or-treaters who manage to get to the out-of-the-way places! And obviously if you get half a bowl of candy it's worth your while.


I love this sort of salad to bits. This looks like a particularly good one. Now that I live in an apartment on top of a hill, I get zero trick or treaters.I do miss them. I used to get zillions in my old neighborhood. every year I buy a bag of candy-just in case...
This year, I went and watched a parade of school kids, who came to visit the oldsters at my mother's assisted living residence. Great costumes, from the cute to the astonishingly fierce. Many Johnny Deppish pirates.


Thanks for the resipy we nedded it for THANKSGIVING..Love,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isabella & MOM

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