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Yum! I love a chewy brownie! I also love Reading Terminal. I once knocked someout out of the way to get the last cinnamon bun (with cream cheese icing) from the Amish booth there. I was not going home empty handed!!

Mrs. S

Someone needs to do a study to officially prove the merits of a hot brownie at the end of a yucky day. Maybe I should look into it...


I am very fond of Reading Terminal Market. I commuted through there every evening one summer and I don't know if I've ever been happier with my produce. Makes good on the whole "Garden State" thing. As for that traffic, I forgot how bad that is. Next time, maybe you could take the train! And make the brownies before you left, so you could eat them en route if things got rough. ps. My favorite mural is, I think, the grey squares one near a little little park in south Philly.


First, so sorry you had that much trouble trying to take a simple road trip. Secondly, OH MY! those brownies look so good to this PMS infected person right now. Wish I were at your house instead of mine!


Um.... please explain unsweetened and bittersweet chocolate and dutch-process cocoa.

I know what eggs and sugar are!!

The perfect end to a cr*ppy day.

The perfect end to ANY day, really!!


I'd take one of those Amish pretzels from Reading Terminal over a brownie anyday... But then again people tell me I'm crazy, so that could explain that!
These brownies might be an acceptable stand-in however...


You see? Brownies are the true anesthetic to highway labour. They'll make you forget any pain in any way. Like the saying goes, "bad reality...great anecdote." Reminds me of my family and cultural background...any trouble brewing? Put the kettle on. Tea'll settle it. mmmmm. Brownies.


Any recipe with 10 oz of chocolate is a recipe I will try. Your brownies look delish and comforting. Sorry to hear about your long, dreary trip. Sounds like you came up with the perfect antecdote.

Lisa (Homesick Texan)

I've always heard great things about Reading Terminal Market. I think I'll have to brave the Pennsylvania traffic and check it out.

blue plate

fudgy brownies are the way to go. they look great.


YOu would love the French markets! You can buy anything from eyeshadow to cheese! They are fantastic, cheap, and the food is always fresh.


mmmm, yes. If brownies can´t set a day to rights, then nothing can, and you might as well have them anyway because it´ll still be the only good thing.

the bee

Hey Jujubee,
If the Gilligans Island people had been with you they would have had the ingredients to these yummy brownies with them. They had everything else. Does anyone else wonder why they had so much stuff w/ them? I am making these tonight and will let you know. They look yummy !


Ugh sorry you had that inconvenience which added hours to your travel time. But that market sounds well worth it, and oh those brownies! I'll have to try that sometime.


Oh, I wish I had some of those right now!! I just know they would help cure a cold. Right? Chocolate cures everything, I think.

Julie O'Hara

For me, gooey, chewy brownies are the only way to go. At least you could redeem your day with chocolate!


Only 10 ounces of chocolate?!


MMmmmm rich in gooey goodness. IS there anything brownies can't do?


rachel, if I'd seen any sticky buns I'd have pushed people aside to get at them. I need to look for those next time I go.

Mrs S, that's a very good suggestion for a study -- an important study. My preliminary data shows that a brownie can make any day better.

ap, I'd love to have a situation where I shopped at the Reading Terminal Market every day. And you're right, taking the train to Philadelphia would be a swell way to travel.

Vanessa, in addition to being a known antidote for crappy days, brownies are a superb antidote for PMS. In fact, brownies are sort of like a miracle drug. A delicious miracle drug.

cazza, you're right, brownies are the perfect end to any day, crappy or otherwise. Also, I will find out what unsweetened and bittersweet chocolate is called in Australia and email you the info.

ann, the pretzels at the Reading Terminal Market are delicious. I wouldn't want to choose between one of them and a brownie, I'd prefer to just have both of them.

nicola, I think the brownies-in- times-of-trouble mode of coping could be nicely merged with the have-tea-in-times-of-trouble mode. Brownies and hot tea seem like a good answer to almost any crisis.

Anne, 10 oz of chocolate can only be a good thing. I almost typed "god thing." That kind of works too though.

Lisa, the Reading Terminal Market is worth a trip. And if you didn't want to brave traffic you could always take the train as zp suggested.

Blueplate, thanks. I also think fudgy brownies are the way to go.

Angela, I already love the French markets and I've never even been to France. They sound WONDERFUL!

lobstersquad, exactly!! That's the kind of superior reasoning I look for.

bets, you're right. The professor would have invented some sort of solar oven, and the ingredients for brownies would have conveniently made it to the island along with Ginger's evening gowns.

Christine, the inconvenience was sort of fun and shouldn't have been used as an excuse for the brownies. But it was a good excuse...

sher, I am sure that chocolate cures a cold. And a virus. Medicine cabinets should be equipped with brownies.

Julie, chocolate in general and brownies in particular are a guaranteed formula for redeeming a day gone wrong.

bernadette, 10 oz seems to work. You could always make a double batch with 20 oz. 20 oz sounds like enough chocolate doesn't it?

Brilynn, no, I don't think there's a thing that brownies can't do. They're like a wonder substance.

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