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Mrs. S

I will think forlornly of all the wonderful food you cook while I am eating pizza for the 3rd time this week because I am too pregnant to stand up long enough to cook lol. I can't wait until I am un-pregnant enough, and have time enough, to be able to try some of your recipes! They look soooo yummy!


oooh anything remaniscent of artichoke is okay with me! soup looks awesome, mmmmmm :)


Oh, I'm so happy you've discovered this stuff! It's so delicious. I really like steaming it until it's almost limp, then sauteeing it with a clove or two of garlic in hot olive oil with just a smattering of hot red pepper flakes on top. And Maldon salt. Oh YUM.


mmm, looks yummy. I always want to use kale because it is so healthy. Nice looking soup.


Ahh--that looks so wonderful!! I like black kale very much, more than kale, so this appeals to me very much! A perfect recipe now that it's getting cooler.


By the way, could you give me a good recipe for chili?


isn´t it the best, when you find an ingredient you´ve been reading about for years?


Mmm. Got to get me over to Wholefoods and get some black kale. Your post makes me long for some.

Wholefoods is still the only local source here, as far as I know. I actually love the smell, and agree that it is quite different from the smell of regular kale. I think I may have to begin nagging my CSA farmer about growing it.

the bee

could this work with spinich ?
I am not a fan of kale .


This looks so interesting. I've never had kale... I have no idea what it tastes like, and naturally had no idea what to try it with. Thanks for the recipe.


Move over spinach. There's a new green in town and it's got none of that E Coli nonsense.

I think I'm going to make this soup tonight when I get back to NYC. It looks gorgeous and sounds delish. It seems like a good supper dish.


man, i have been craving lacinato kale for days now... no clue why, i just WANT it
my favorite way to eat it is almost identical to Luisa's
man, delicious

Tiny Banquet Committee

Oh, I *love* this stuff. I like Luisa's way of preparing it too - and if there are any leftovers (doubtful at my place) they are very versatile - tossed into pasta, scrambled eggs, etc. I have to start buying two bunches at a time because every time I cook a batch I am sad there isn't more of it!

Julie O'Hara

This is exactly the recipe I was looking for to make for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, that was this morning, and I have since concluded that I do not have time to cook tonight! Too bad, I do have a bit of a kale craving.

the bee

Hey Julie- do you have any recipes for 50 pounds of leftover Halloween candy? Perhaps cook them in a phyllo or maybe a country casarole? I think if anyone can come up w/ it , you can. Perhaps a nice chocolate sauce ? Let me know.

blue plate

I like using rapini for the leafy greens in my soups, but now I must try this Tuscan kale you speak of.

Your soup looks soooo good—I'm getting hungry.


oh, I so want to eat this for dinner tonight! yum-my!
great for those cold and rainy days - can’t thing of something better than enjoying a hot and steamy bowl of this for the TV wearing my pj's = heaven! =)


Mrs. S, this soup would be very good for a new mother, delicious and satisfying and full of good vitamins.

aria, I feel the same way! Being reminiscent of artichoke could only be a good thing.

Luisa, sounds delicious! I'll have to give that a try.

Angela, kale is good stuff, and this was a good way to eat it.

sher, it's interesting how black kale is a different taste than regular kale.

lobstersquad, yes! Although I need to qualify that. It's great to find an ingredient that you've been reading about that you like. It's sort of disappointing to read about something, and look forward to it, and then be, "meh..."

Lindy, thanks for being the inspiration that got me to try it. Asking your CSA to grow it is a good idea! Wouldn't that work out well if they did.

Bets, if I were doing spinach I wouldn't cook it as long, but try out this kale, to me it has a different, more pleasing taste (and smell!) than regular kale.

vasilisa, it's worth checking out -- I hope you like it.

Anne, it's a good supper for a cold night. It's a pretty substantial soup.

ann, I have to try your, Luisa's, and TBC's way of cooking it. It seems to be a popular treatment.

TBC, scrambled eggs and pasta are great ideas.

Julie, cutting up all the vegetables takes some time but after that it's really just being there to give it an occasional stir. It's also a good thing to make in advance.

Bets, that's a lot of leftover candy -- did you not have trick-or-treaters?

blue plate, I'm a big rapini fan but oddly enough I've never made a soup with rapini. Good idea!

Julia, you're a woman after my own heart! That sounds like heaven to me too.

the bee

No, we had 5 trick or treaters and then after 9 pm I went to a party and then work. The candy sits on my dining room table .. it calls to me . So far I have ignored it.


Just when you think there nothing new under the sun...
I love the discovery of "new to me"!!!

Thomas of Baltimore (Formerly Seattle Lurker)

Speaking of greens (which is vaguely related to this entry), I have a pretty good crop of Swiss Chard if you'd like to have it. It would be a tasty addition to a soup that I'd love to sample if you made it!?

Incidentally, I read that Chard is actually the leafy part of turnips, and Swiss Chard is specially bred so that it doesn't produce a root which allows more energy for leaf production.

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