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Wow. That´s a lot of wonderful food, and great moments. I like that.
I wasn´t allowed to swim after lunch, either, but for TWO hours. It seemed to take forever. Now, if anyone suggested that I swim inmediately after lunch I´d think they were demented.
I hope I´ll have the chance to eat blue crabs some day.


YUM! I love everything you chose, though I haven't tried the steamed blue crabs and the way you described eating it had me drooling and yearning. Corn on the cob is one of my favorite things in the world. What you wrote about it had me smiling. :)


mmmm... steamed blue crabs! they truly are delicious.


Baltimore Tradition right there -- Steamed Crabs in the center of the table -- covered in Old Bay -- just a beautiful thing.

Pick, pick away!

When I was little, we had distant relatives come into town and eat crabs with us -- they didn't know what to do with them -- and I was so confused by that because I was raised eating them the way we do.

Mrs. S

You have excellent taste in food. I have yet to try the trout thing myself, despite living basically a stone's throw from the Rockies, but if I am ever camping in that general area I promise you I will try it.


This is wonderful - your writing and stories evoked so many memories (like the trout, since I'm from Colorado - though we oftentimes did the same for breakfast!). And I love the description of the crabs! Being a crab biologist - I love hearing what people call all the insides that I have to dissect out for my experiments (especially "dead man's claws"!). Wonderful post and such a neat idea for a meme!


Your descriptions are so lyrical, it's like I'm tasting everything right along with you! Now I have to revise my post (again!) to make it more lyrical and evocative. The only thing I haven't tried that's on your list is the trout, and I would like to. I actually used to work at the Wheaton Crab House, in Wheaton, Maryland, so got plenty of chances to eat crab in the way you describe.


Fabulous list!!! We ate our blue crabs like that on the Gulf Coast too. And we took our time and ate, all the while talking to everyone at the table. I knew it was time to stop when my fingertips were wrinkled. Hey, I'm looking forward to doing this meme!


Yes-everything you said-including the trout- though it's been forever since I've had that indulgence. As a kid, I spent a summer in Idaho, where there were people who fished-yet did not eat fish! They would give us their fresh caught trout, the crazies! We had all we could want.

Except-to my intense regret-I've never had the Baltimore crab thing. My daughter lived in Maryland for a couple of years, in Takoma Park- and though I visited, and we went to Baltimore, and ate well there- she and the then boyfriend, now spouse, are vegetarians- hence no crab....sigh.

Thanks for the tagging. I had been having computer problems- so I did my list via comment to Melissa's post. I think I want to add all the stuff on your list, though.


PS. BTW, I loved what I saw of Baltimore. I was particularly taken with the Museum of Visionary Art. Also, as a fan of "Homicide:Life on the Street" and "The Corner" (Books and tv versions) I was very fan struck and dorky, and visited locations.
But then they moved to Cleveland. Which has its own charms-especially the amazing food market.


I love, love, love mussels. The are called moules in French and they are by far my favorite dish. When I was in the south, I had some of the best every and the only ingredient I am sure of is creme fraiche. They were fantastic!


artichoke festival? then there is a heaven on earth . . .


What a great list of fresh, regional foods. Esp. love your corn description. It makes me want to rent a beach house!

Thanks for tagging me. I had a lot of fun doing this. Like you, my 5 foods change depending on the day.


What a wonderful list! I've never tried blue crab but it seems like it's totally worth all the effort. Hopefully you'll make it out this way for next year's artichoke fest.


Delightful answers. Intriguing how food is tied with our memories of family, friends and fun.


Hi! Your blog looks great!
Wonderful list + I really enjoyed the stories that came with it; love your writing!
glad you added artichokes, they're the best! unfortunately I as well haven’t had them for day after day after day… but I do devour them often, just with a simple vinaigrette and some sea salt...yum!
that artichoke festival sounds great…! =)


exlnt list! mussels, most definately and the trout cooked over a fire is drool inducing. yumyumyum...


fresh corn in season... I love that!


I love everything on your list. All together, it would make the perfect last meal!


Thanks for tagging me!!! I love all the foods you've listed and especially love the detailed description on how to eat crabs - one of my favourite foods!


Ximena, 2 hours is even worse than 1 hour. I don't know that I would have lasted. I hope you get to eat blue crabs too and the next time you are in the States please report directly to Baltimore and we'll make sure you get some.

Christine, I'm sure you'd love blue crabs and I think you also should report to Baltimore as soon as is possible for the eating of blue crabs.

ann, aren't they? I lived on the west coast for a while and I know there are those who love Dungeness crabs but for me they never held a candle to blue crabs.

Will, the pile of crabs in the middle of the table Is a tradition and if you're going to have a tradition, I'd say that's a pretty great one.

Mrs. S, when and if you do go camping in the Rockies, please have a trout for me. Then let me know how it was!

Michelle, fresh caught trout for breakfast sounds even better than trout for dinner. I think that most people call crab gills dead man's fingers but we always called them dead man's claws. I also remember as a child believing that they were poisonous because some other child had told me they were.

Rebecca, I hope that endless crab dinners were one of the perks of working at a crab house.

Sher, that sounds very familiar. Also eventually I have managed to get so much crab boil on my lips that they actually begin to hurt.

Lindy, Idaho! Yes, that would be a place of crystal trout streams. I can't believe there were people who were giving away their fish but how great for the recipients. And I'm ashamed to admit that I STILL haven't been to Baltimore's Visionary Art Museum. But one of these days. I'm also only just watching The Corner which is a pretty powerful series.

Angela, I'll bet you are getting some fantastic mussels! You are one lucky woman!

Anna, yes, an artichoke festival would definitely be heaven to me. Perhaps the only thing better would be to have a garden full of endless artichokes at your disposal.

Anne, thanks. Corn was always one of the big summer highlights of my childhood and there was lots of competition to see who could eat the most.

Mary, I highly recommend blue crab if you ever have the chance. And I'm looking forward to attending the Artichoke Festival one of these days.

Tanna, thanks, and yes, food seems to be very tied up with the circumstances under which you first tasted it.

Julia, thanks. Good to hear from another artichoke fan. Artichokes with a simple vinaigrette and sea salt sounds wonderful.

aria, the trout cooked over a fire is one of my favorite food fantasies. Definitely drool worthy.

gattina, me too! I'm just buying corn for what will probably (sadly) be one of the last times this year. But there's always next year.

Lydia, I agree that all of those things together would make a wonderful meal. In fact, for me, it would be just about the perfect meal.

Cin, your welcome for the tagging and I'm looking forward to your list!


i had fresh trout in spain once. i'd say it was almost as good as the trout you've read about.


She was, a little sister now, my sophomore topless sunbathing year in your hands and a.


I didnt even close their latex mattress last day, but the warddeactivation was pointless.

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