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yes please, i'll have two :) i still haven't yet mastered the aioli, i need to try again.


What's a meme???


Yummm!! It looks delicious to me. I'll eat the classic--and a new fangled one. As for Hollywood: Lack of new ideas. At times they've also talked about doing remakes of Gone With The Wind and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.


That sounds fantastic! I'll bet the aioli makes it quite a different BLT.


aria, the aioli was easier than I thought. I've done it twice now, not sure if there is a secret or it was just beginner's luck but it worked both times.

Ellen, a meme is like a chain letter among bloggers, kind of. You answer a set of questions and then tag someone else to answer the same questions.

sher, remaking Gone With The Wind! There's just no need.

Thanks, colin. BTW, I'm looking forward to seeing your answers for the Five Foods meme.


I'd agree, a BLT is bacon, lettuce and tomato. With arugula and aioli, it's something else but not a BLT.


I agree with you, the two sharpness (arugula and basil) doesn't go together. I like matching arugula with pecorino though, what do you think?

the bee

The bee is back from vacation .
I think bacon is perfect just as it is . When I am older I plan on having it all around the house so I can just take a bite whenever...

Tiny Banquet Committee

That basil aioli looks so good!
Fresh mozzarella and arugula do not belong on The Beverly Hillbillies either, teehee . . . .

Lynn D.

I'm fond of my BLT variation, the PBLT. It's chunky peanut butter mixed with a bit of Spanish smoked paprika, toasted bread, lettuce (or arugula) and sliced tomato. Spread the PB mixture on both slices of toast.

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