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Again--another beautiful sauce. I love this kind of quick, fresh tomato sauce. It still has that fresh picked flavor when it's fixed that way. And I can never get enough ravioli!


Ciao bella! We're trying it on brown rice.


Hi sis! I may be a terrible correspondent, but I'm a great web surfer. I visit your blog almost every day and get a kick out of keeping up with your adventures. No new dog pictures since April, though--what's up with that? Hope the world's third and fourth most beautiful LH GSDs are well.

As luck would have it, just last night I was thinking, I really need a good quick tomato sauce recipe for summer. I'll look forward to trying this one. One question from the culinarily-impaired, though--how do you peel and seed tomatoes?

BTW, I haven't forgotten that I still have all your kitchen remodeling books--we'll have to arrange a handover soon.



Sounds delicious! I'm all for anything that doesn't involve a lot of *hot* cooking these days! I've heard really wonderful things about Lidia's recipes from other's too.

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If you make it in football season you can call it Ravenoli.

From Our Kitchen

I love making ravioli! We make it every year for Christmas dinner for the whole family (over 100 ravioli) in two varieties - chestnut and neopolitan (with proscioutto and ricotta). I really should make it more often though.

I've been thinking about buying that book. You reccomend it, right?


Beautiful picture!


I made some tomato sauce yesterday, inspired by your marinara post. Only I didn´t sieve the tomatoes ,I´m way too lazy. It was still very delicious. I´ll definitely try this one.


i love ravioli too, but i never use 'real' pasta dough
its far too convenient to just use wonton wrappers and be lazy about it!
i hear ya on the heat & humidity, its awful up here in nyc, i think i got heat exhaustion at least twice this weekend!

Miz S

Ok, who is Ellen? Do we have a sister that I don't know about?


Hi Miz S! Are you my sister too?

I am Jack's auntie (I rescued him from death row at the animal shelter & fostered him until he found his forever home), and Julie is his mom, so we figured that made us sisters. I always wanted a sister. Two of them would be fine!


Sher, I'm a big fan of these barely cooked tomato sauces. Actually, I'm a big fan of summer tomatoes any way they're served.

Bonnie, that sounds very healthy and I bet it would be a good combination.

Ellen, I have some new dog pictures that I haven't posted. I've realized my dog pictures always end up looking the same. The only thing that changes is the scenery behind them.

Your boy Jack seems mighty old these days. He's very gray, and walking with difficulty. But his appetite is good and I'm sure you saw the post about Jack pulling uncooked pasta off the counter and eating it so we know he's not a complete invalid.

Michelle, not heating up the kitchen is my cooking priority most days about now.

DFO, would Ravenoli be black and purple? Because that doesn't sound too appetizing to me.

FoK, those sound marvelous! I hope you post the recipe some day. And yes, I definitely recommend Lidia's Family Table.

Angela, thanks!

Ximena, the sieving the tomatoes thing is definitely a chore although I like that texture. This recipe is great because it's so unprocessed -- not a lot of work at all.

Ann, the homemade pasta is work but I think there's a big enough payoff in results to make it worth while if you have time. But I can't argue with you about wonton wrappers being more convenient.

Miz S, yes, that would be your GSD-loving sister Ellen.

Ellen, we can provide another one. And even a brother!


yum, YUM! i'm into ravioli's lately too. that looks *awesome*.


I am half-Italian and raviolis are my favorite. My Auntie Jean(actually Giolitta) used to make them; they took two days, and we would fight over them at dinner. It was not pretty.

the bee

jujubee- your food is amazing.
I also was confused about sister Ellen. I gained weight just looking at this .


Thanks, aria! They were pretty delicious, if I say so myself.

Margaret, darn the luck! You have Aunt Giolitta who makes raviolis, and I have Aunt Nancy whose idea of fine dining is the Olive Garden. (Plus Aunt Nancy thinks the correct tip is $2 no matter what the size of the bill.)

Bets, the beauty of this meal is that you won't gain weight. It's about as light and healthy as a meal could be.


Yes, I have made this or a version there of and removing the skin is essential.

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