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Thanks for all the compliments! Isn't that "If Cook Like You Walk" song great? Next time listen to your mother and melt the butter; last week the Uber girls cooked dinner for us with our kitchen and all, and they made a peach/blueberry crisp with an oatmeal topping from an old recipe of their mother's, only they melted the butter at my suggestion and it came out beautifully crispy.

Miz S

Oh my. That looks really delicious. You know, Mizter S and I will be back in town on Friday. And we don't have plans..


The photograph is beautiful and it makes me want to bake a crisp myself. I had a blueberry crisp while on vacation, baked by an elderly friend, who refuses to give me the recipe! It's one of the best I've ever had--but she is determined that no one has that recipe.


Honestly, people who don't share recipes give me a pain; she can't take her precious crisp with her!!


Rebecca, that story about the Uber girl's mother is unbelievable. She sounds like she was a wonderful person.

Miz S, we do have some birthday presents for Mizter S...

Sher, that's funny that she won't give it to you. Perhaps you could ask her to leave it to you in her will.


Hi! This is my first visit to your blog and I'm enjoying it. I had to leave a comment about your beautiful dogs!! I have a German Shepherd myself, but his coat isn't as thick as your Jacks or the other dog. Oh they're so beautiful! :)


Yum! I love anything with oatmeal.


Now this looks yummy !!! I think you may have gone in with too high expectations. I think everyone in the world has said they had the best ( fill in the blank here) ever and really we were just lying.
Maybe the food magazine people lied to you . You cook better than I do so can I come over ?


that's quite a feat in our recent weather, thank god its over!
there's so many funny names for these dishes... the best thing is, they're all yummy!


that looks so yummy. i think i'm officailly bit by the berry deserts bug thats been going around. i got some blueberries that i think i'll make a crisp from. thx for the recipe :)

Mrs. S

I need to stop coming back to your page... every time I see that picture it makes me drool.


My mom used to make something similar to this and she called it Lazy Cobbler. It was really good with ice cream on a hot summer day, especially when I wasn't the one cooking! Great song, by the way!

From Our Kitchen

I think something like this crisp, especially when it's supposedly one of the best recipes ever, would be worth turning the oven. Sometimes you just can't help yourself, and suddenly, the oven's on!


Seriously, please start putting pictures up of carrots or green beans. I get hungry every time I read your blog and I really would like to wear something other than a tent at the beach this year!


Christine, thanks for visiting and commenting. My German shepherds are both long-haired. They're hairy beasts but I'm fond of them.

Rachel, I love oatmeal in baked goods too.

Bets, I probably did go in with too high expectations. That happens to me with movies also which is why I never read reviews before I go.

Ann, I am glad that the 100 degree temps have gone. It makes 85 and ultra-humid look good in comparison.

aria, there's something about this time of year and berries, berries everywhere that makes you feel compelled to to something with them.

Mrs. S., no drooling on the computer, it's too messy!

Vanessa, crisps and crumbles and cobblers all pair so nicely with ice cream.

FoK, it is hard to go completely cold-turkey on oven use.

Angela, I'll see what I can do! BTW, enjoy your time on the Riviera.



Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!



Who would have thought... I moved down to Daytona Beach only to buy apricots and find a really great recipe from my hometown of Baltimore. Thank you!!!



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