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oooh, i'll have to keep an eye out for this, sounds delicious!
btw, i was an archaeology nerd in high school
nerds are cool!

Miz S

Didn't one of your sisters smoke a lot of pot? It was Sarah, wasn't it?


On Mary's heels, or is it lid?

There is so much to digest here today; I may have to stalk you.

Alas, didn't Euell eventually learn that not all parts of a pine tree were edible?


Euell Gibbons!! I had his book too. He was an interesting guy. The salad looks great and I think Euell would enjoy it.


Thanks for the link, if I were closer to Baltimore I would hand-deliver all the purslane you'd ever want!

One of my first garden triumphs as a teenager was a particulary sticky, purple female of the cannibis indica variety. I was never much of a pot smoker, but the friends were mighty appreciative.

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Nice pic! Purslane - sounds like the hero of epic tale, as in Sir Purslane slew the evil Cholesteroid.


Any chance of a photo of purslane in the wild so to speak? To see if it is the same as something we get down here. And does arugula go by any other names?

Forget the cookbook. I need a phrase book. American/Australian!!

The salad sounds deelish.

Ah.... the early 70s. What memories.


I've seen Purslane growing all over the place and never knew what it was. I USED to be interested in one weed in particular, yes, back in the 70's, but that's another story...

the bee

I loved this post for all the wrong reasons. I thought you ladies were young rule followers.
Imagine my surprise and delight.
My youngest brother would admire your arborial skills.Did you ever tell your mom this story? You should. Miz S , we know you never did anything bad.(bwahhaaaa)


I´m so bad at stalking wild asparagus. Here it´s quite a competitive spring occupation while on a walk, and I hardly ever spot any. But since everyone else does, I´m lucky enough to eat the results.
I don´t know what that purslane is but it sounds very good. I´ll google around, and see if I can find any.


Well if you were a nerd than I certainly am. I annoy all my french friends because I always have to stop and identify new flowers. If I can't figure them out by looking at the plant structure or leaf pattern, I take a picture and look them up on the internet.

Mrs. S

I came over from Miz S' page (she said if I didn't she'd beat me up - honestly!) and will most likely be back again on my own.

Your story reminded me of one of the stories in OUR family - My grandmother was washing my uncle's pants and found a little packet of seeds in the pocket. Thinking she'd plese him by growing whatever they were, she planted several under his bedroom window (thankfully facing the back of the house) and with her incredible green thumb soon had a lovely Marijuana plant that was OVER SIX FEET TALL. The boys didn't venture back there much, so they didn't notice it until it was viewable from their window, and they quickly bit the bullet and explained to her what it was and she let them have it for smoking purposes. Seriously, how cool was my Granny back in the day? I'm still not sure what she thought those seeds must be, though.


We used to make jokes about poor Euell--didn't he do granola commercials or something? This post makes me want to research exotic plant life. But I'm not very adventurous about what I eat.


Ann, archeology nerd does sound pretty cool.

Miz S, hhhmmmm.... now which sister was it?

bernadette, Mary's my younger siter. I'm not sure what Euell reference you're making. Surely he never told us that than any part of the pine other than pine nuts were edible. But perhaps you know something I don't.

Sher, I can't believe you also know of Euell Gibbons. And he was a cool guy.

Steven, I think that is quite a garden triumph. I would even go so far as to say it beats tomatoes and zucchinis.

DFO, Sir Purslane slew the evil Cholesteroid and then Sir Purslane and the fair (yet slightly bitter) maiden Arugula lived happily ever after...

cazza, here's a
purslane picture
. Apparently it grows in Australia also.

Vanessa, yes, that weed seemed to have had lots of interest.

Bets, yes, my mother has known the story for years and seems to delight in the retelling.

Ximena, you actually go stalking asparagus -- that's so cool!

Angela, the taking a picture thing is a great way to figure out plants you don't know.

Mrs S, very good story. You're grandmother sounds as if she has a much greener thumb than my mother. Lucky for me my mother's thumb is not green at all.

Margaret, yes, Euell advertised Post Grape Nuts on television. The flavor reminded him of wild hickory nuts or something.


Sisters ~ I adore both of your blogs!

Acting hip is not my forte.

Euell could be funny: http://www.ruralvermont.com/vermontweathervane/issues/winter/97012/eatpine.shtml


Pomology. I must be very tired, because the "m" looked to me like an "r" and an "n". Pornology? Wow, two new words in a single blog post!


I'm glad you tried this one out because as much as I love purslane, chickpeas are less of a favorite and so I didn't even clip this one last week... sounds tasty, though!


Bernadette, Euell was apparently very thorough in his research.

Heidi, if pornology were a degree program I bet you could get your degree online.

Luisa, I'm bowled over that you're familiar enough with purslane to love it. Here I was thinking of it as some mysterious thing that very few have tasted.


Thank you for taking the time to link a photo. Now I need to find the plant!!!


Dang! I swear I commented on here, and I can't for the life of me remember what *witty* thing I said! The overall gist however, was: YUM! Purslane is not around very often here, but one vendor I know at the Farmer's Market has it occasionally, so I'm going to make your recipe next time I see it!


Cazza, no problem. Let me know if you find it. (Although since it's the middle of winter in Melbourne I guess it won't be til summer.)

Michelle, your comment was probably eaten when Typepad was having problems the other night. I'm also checking out purslane from the farmer's market this weekend. I want to see how it compares with the stuff from my garden plot.


wat happens in pomology? i am a nerd to and i am trying to see if i want to be a pomologist. what kind of things do you study about the fruit???


Awesome post, awesome salad. We are sharing this with our readers at our health blog www.marksdailyapple.com. Thanks for the cool post :)


Great, Aaron!


wow, i was looking up verdago because a plot neighbor in my community garden lets it grow and that's how i found purslane and that's how i found this! so thankful for the salad recipe. i think i'll make it tomorrow night. sounds like it'd be delish with some fresh baked and buttered bread.

jazz euell gibbons

Le Vésinet, France
July 21, 2008

Bravo for your efforts to keep alive the memory of Euell Gibbons who did so much for the cause of
edible so-called weeds -- called "weeds" because
people are not aware that they are edible and possibly also NUTRITIOUS, as is dramatically true in the case of purslane, one of nature's richest sources of vitamin E.

I urge you to propose to that Postal Service
that it issue a commemorative stamp to honor Euell Gibbons. I can imagine that you could enlist
a lot of people to support your effort. I offer my
support, in fact my enthusiastic support.

All ze best (as we Americans in Paris have learned
to say),

Jazz De Cou

I can hardly wait to try the recipe for purslane,
chick peas and arugula (I call it roquette) salad. Those three vegetables are among my favorites,
so I know that eating them together will inevitably
be a memorable experience.

Nox Kisha

This recipe seems to be really great and tasty, thanks for sharing!


I have almost an entire garden plot of purslane growing, as well as lamb's quarter. Put some compost on the plot in the fall, and they loved it! Not an easy sell here in the midwest - people are a bit leery of new greens that aren't corn or soy bean based! I also grow arugula, so will enjoy this salad!

Debbie Gaccione

When is the best time to pic purslane?

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