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the bee

Hey Lady,
Let us see a pic of the new improved kitchen. The fine people of Barilla make my pasta for me.
I admire people who take the time but it is just not in me. I still do not like that Sandra Lee chick on semi homemade though.No matter how many cocktails you serve , the guests will still know you frosted a store bought cake with cool whip.
She also made mocktails for her nephews soccer playoffs for the kids. Nothing screams good parenting than serving fake mohitos to the soccer team . Keep up the good work, you are inspiring the bee to get off her behind and do some real cooking.
(maybe a nice cheesy recipe in honor of the mice).

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Sounds like a perfect meal for summer, when your hungry, but don't want to feel stuffed. With a nice glass of wine. Mmmmmm.
Did you get a cat? And does it have a normal name?


That looks so good! I like the idea of using the swiss chard.


Pasta making is a labor of love, which I'm not about to try, but I like this recipe and will try it with some "store-bought" pasta. (Glad you got rid of the mice. That's so creepy.)


Bets! I think you've figured out exactly why Sandra Lee serves cocktails with every meal. She's trying to take people's mind off the food she's serving.

DFO, we do have a cat, thank you for asking. We acquired her right after the mouse incident. Her name is Tigerlily which I think is a perfectly normal name although we do usually call her kitty. This is a picture of her. Of course, since this is her preferred spot day and night, I don't know that she's really a mouse deterrent.

Rachel, the Swiss chard works really well here.

Vanessa, yes, the mice were creepy and really, probably more than people wanted to know about.


Didn't we all have those machines and use them once or twice back then?! I'm trying to remember which writer has the funny piece about Norman Mailer getting one for his (much younger) wife, then hanging out with their guests drinking vodka, eating caviar, and bragging about the homemade pasta they were going to be eating, for several hours while she is laboring in the kitchen getting frustrated and covered in flour and dough. She eventually stomps into the living room, says "Fuck you!" to Mailer, and leaves the apartment.

I'm guessing the writer might have been Tom Wolfe in Radical Chic, but if anyone can correct me feel free.

Anyway, Julie, homemade pasta is great and this dish looks wonderful!


I love making my own pasta, but it is always a cumbersome process. Yours looks fantastic!

the bee

The last thing I saw Sandra Lee do to her guests was to take a date and put a piece of pineapple inside,wrap the whole thing in bacon and bake it. Is there enogh alcohol in the world to make you eat that mess ? I say no .


The thing about the kitchenaid attachment is that you can make pasta without a third hand. That was always my problem with my little manual machine.It really is semi-impossible solo.

That being said, now that I have the thing, I wonder why I don't make homemade pasta more often. Easy answer- I'm terribly lazy. I have never attempted canneloni, yours sound superb.For those, and for lasagna, especially, homemade is a different animal entirely,,so cloud-like and delicate.

Several years ago, a mouse ran across my living room, followed by my two bewildered cats, in a Keystone Cops routine. I actually climbed on a chair and shrieked, like a cartoon. The cats were unsuccessful, and acted a bit embarassed, but after the run in, the mouse seemed to have decided to try other venues.


I used to have a mouse in my old studio. I didn´t even have a kitchen, but it put a stop to my coffee and biscuits pretty quickly. Ugh.


Rebecca, it's funny you mention Tom Wolfe -- I just bought a copy of The Electric Kool-Aid Trip at a yard sale this weekend. I need to look for Radical Chic next. Don't think I ever read that one.

Angela, making your own pasta is a cumbersome project. Definitely a project.

Bets, I agree with you. That is not an appetizing appetizer to me.

Lindy, cloud-like is a good description of lasagna made with homemade pasta. It really is different. And the one mouse I've seen since the kitchen was rebuilt and we acquired our cat was in the cat's mouse but obviously still alive. I did the eek-a-mouse thing too. It's pretty reflexive.

lobstersquad, the mice were probably pretty disappointed that you gave up biscuits. No doubt they were hanging around waiting for crumbs.


That looks utterly delicious and EXACTLY what I wish I was eating for lunch today. Gorgeous! And I'm impressed beyond words that you made your own pasta. Esp. after the mouse incident! I know how you feel.


i love making homemade pasta, its so relaxing, almost meditative
this looks fab and i love the swiss chard element
now i'm hungry, thanks ;-)


The tomato sauce looks beautiful, so fresh and bright. (The whole thing looks fantastic, actually, time to break out the pasta roller...).

And I know just what you mean about used books on Amazon -- that's where virtually my entire library comes from.


Luisa, it was pretty darned utterly delicious. The pasta making is not all that difficult and in things like this it's a lot of payback for the effort.

Ann, I'm not at the point where pasta making is relaxing yet but I'd like to get to that state.

littlebouffe, ever since the time I saw a $30 copy of a cookbook at Borders and then checked it against the Amazon price where I noticed the used copy was $3, I've been buying used books very happily from Amazon. They haven't all been such good deals but if you wait and check prices for a while you can find some remarkable deals.


I loved reading this. It reminded me of when I made cannelloni for a party. Your description of wrestling with the pasta machine is spot on! Everyone loved mine, but I avoided the pasta machine after that. I need to get one of those attachements for my Kitchenaide! Your picture is fabulous.


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Thanks, Lindy. That's a great tip. I'm off to look at them.


Sounds great to me!


Thanks , Lindy. Im off to cow and big gun

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Liz W @ Cake Pops

My mother is italian and she used to always make Cannelloni when i lived with her and I always preferred ricotta over meat. I'm looking so forward to trying out this recipe.

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