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I feel his pain. We're moving and I was pretending that I can lift just as much as I could before I got pregnant yesterday. I now know that that's not true! Thankfully it wasn't that bad -- just some soreness and increased need for whining, but it's really annoying to not be able to do the stuff you always assume you can do...

Our 80 lb. dog was annoyed at me that I couldn't help him up onto our bed. He can make it if he tries, but he had his front legs up there and was whining and looking at me sadly.


Why was the 90 pound dog trying to fall down the stairs?? Back pain is horrible but I couldn't help but swallow a giggle as imagined a grown man, large dog and a flight of stairs. It could be out of Monty Python.

My family love their pasta. I shall have to give this one a go.

Keep 'em coming.

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The Rapini Growers of America thank you for your promotion of their delicious product! It's good and good for ya'.


L, pregnancy does nothing for your back. Also, moving does nothing for your back. Together it sounds like a formula for back hell. Whining can be very therapeutic in any health situation though, as can complaining in general.

Cazza, our dogs trap us in many Monty Python-esque moments here. Also Laurel and Hardy-esque moments.

family oracle, as Bob Novak is to the Bush Administration, I am to the Rapini Growers of America.



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