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Miz S

Oh for crying out loud. You couldn't just make spaghetti and meatballs like I did?

Seattle Lurker (HA!)

You make this dish sound tasty altho I'd likely only try a bite and besides I hate horseradish.


Spaghetti and meatballs would have been more work than this. Those meatballs are time consuming.

Seattle Lurker, you couldn't taste the horseradish in the short ribs, it completely faded into the background. The potatoes however were horseradish-ey so you probably wouldn't have liked those.


Miz S told me to come visit. I'm glad she did.

Now I have to work out how to translate your ingredients into Australian! And wait for winter. Ooooh. winter. I love winter. I wish we had snow. Our winter is pathetic compared to yours.

I shall keep reading because I want to.... not because I've been told to!!



And I love your earlier comments on fat and sugar and 'healthy diets'. Give me something close to the way nature intended it rather something that came out of a test tube. Butter .... cream beaten til it solidifies. Margarine ... oils (who knows what kind) heated and manipulated and coloured to make them look like ... um ... butter. Low fat? Read High Sugar. Sugar free? Read 'full of chemicals'.

Eat well. Eat moderately. Eat to the point of satisfaction and ENJOY! You're my kind of person!


Your sister sent me over to say hi. HI! I don't have anything else to say though, because I am dumbfounded by your cooking skills. I don't think I'll share what MY family ate last night!


Welcome to the blog-er-net!

Those ribs sound delish. I'm here via Miz S - glad I came!


Miz S sent me over. Has she always been so bossy?

Pam L

I too came to visit as I was instructed, but will stay to read and copy recipes. Welcome Miz S's sister.


Mmm... Your recipes look spectacular!

Also, it's always good to find another big dog lover. We always end up living near the haters. :) (To which Ogie says, "If I lick them to death, they can't hate me anymore! Right?")


I'm following your sister's orders, too, and saying hello. So glad I did! I love reading recipes. Keep them coming!


Ditto on your sister being bossy, but it's worth it to get the rib recipe and see your snow pictures. I love food-ish blogs, so I'll be hanging around.


Your recipes are fabulous; I am not much of a cook--my husband works late, older vegan daughter is away at college and the younger one is at gymnastics until 8. I love looking at your recipes and drooling! (horseradish is one of my favorites)


Shortribs and simmering shallots sound sublime! Sister S sent several. S'wonderful!


Wow! Thanks all of you from Miz S-land for the encouragement and kind comments. It's fun to see lots of comments -- and Mike is really grateful you've taken the commenting pressure off of him. You too Seattle Lurker!

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