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hi honey - I think you need a bigger audience than just me!?


You're like training wheels.

Miz S

Wait till I give her a big ol' shout-out on MY blog. She'll be inundated! I hope the Typepad server can handle the traffic! heh.

Seattle Lurker (HA!)

After looking at this, I would be willing to give Rapini a second try... Remember I was underimpressed on my previous go round?

Something in the pic you posted for this dish suggests lemon (in some form) would be good in it... or am I crazy?


thanks so much for blogging bout this recipe. I had something similiar to this except there was a piece of wild salmon braising along side the rapini and chick peas and it was amazing! I planted a bunch of it and am waitign patiently for it to appear!

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