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Feb 11, 2006

Mid-afternoon, the rain was just beginning to turn to snow.


Feb 10, 2006

The moon over our street.


Feb 10, 2006

When we left for the UBSPI auction on Friday night shortly before 6 pm you could see the moon.


Feb 9, 2006

Benjamin on his way to go grocery shopping with me.


Feb 7, 2006

Driving to Gretchen's for dinner.


Feb 7, 2006

Driving back from Bethesda, coming in to Baltimore on 395.


Feb 7, 2006

On 95 coming in to Baltimore. Welcome to Baltimore. Here's the incinerator where the city burns its trash.


Feb 6, 2006

This is the view from our backyard at about 7:30 am. The light looks spring-like to me.

To the right of the tree you can see the towers of a former synagogue (now a 7th Day Adventist temple) about three blocks away.


Feb 5, 2006

I love the view outside my window at night. I find it peaceful and comforting to look out and see all these lit windows.


Feb 5, 2006

A raw, gray day. This is the lake at Druid Hill Park.


Feb 5, 2006

This is a Victorian pavillion overlooking the lake at Druid Hill Park, 600 acres in the middle of Baltimore. I go to Druid Hill every day so I can walk the dogs.


Feb 4th, 2006

My street on a cold and rainy February day.