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Mmm. I'm reminded of the fig-and-prosciutto-stuffed pizza bianca I ate in Rome.

I want a co-worker with a fig tree. :P

Susan from Food Blogga

I've been been a similar salad for the last couple of weeks and love it. The combo of salt prosciutto and sweet figs is simply sensational.


I stumble upon your sight . It looks delicious. I can't wait to try out your recipes. I am going to try and figure out how to put you on my blog roll


Yum! What a great combo! I am surprised that we've never seen figs at the Farmers' Market. I guess no-one grows them commercially.

claudia (cook eat FRET)

i wish i knew someone with a fig tree - seriously. and that salad! is perfection. but first and foremost the figs look wonderful and i am supremely jealous.

The Food Hunter

Figs and prosciutto make a great combination. Your salad looks delicious.


ohh this is lovely! i love fig and proscuitto!

Renee Shuman-Powell

I hope you are not too figged out? Cook book Club is coming.


what a great rainbow of flavours! I'm sure figs go really really well with gorgonzola and prosciutto.

Ari (Baking and Books)

Ah, I love figs. I grew up with a fig tree in my backyard, which was wonderful but has made me mighty picky when it comes to buying figs and being satisfied with them! You are one lucky lady to have people sending figs your way. :)


A classic combo and one I'll never tire of!

Great food here, I'll be back!


You truly are a woman after my own heart, dear Julie! I wish I had coworkers with figs whose doorstep I could show up early on a weekend morning...that would be close to heaven, but I think if you served me some of this salad, I would be there!


We're obsessed with figs in our house. And yes we do putting it in salad together with prosciutto, so this has me drooling!


Adele, I’ve never had fig and prosciutto pizza but I’ll bet it’s delicious.

Susan, sensational is just the way to describe it.

Hi, Stacyknows, glad you came by!

Pigtown, I’m surprised too. I know there’d be a market for them.

Claudia, I feel very fortunate to have this connection.

Food Hunter, they do make a great combination.

Heather, fig and prosciutto seems to be a popular combination. Classic even!

Renee, I don’t think I could get too figged out and I am really sorry I missed your figs and goat cheese. I’ll bet they were delicious.

Lore, they go beautifully with each other. It’s a combination that was meant to be.

Ari, I’ve now tried buying figs from the store once. They tasted like cardboard compared to what I’ve been eating. It’s hard to accept anything else once you’ve had tree-ripened figs.

Peter, thanks! And I agree – this is a classic combination. It seems to appear in many guises, bruschetta and pizza for instance, which must be a testament to how well they go together.

Michelle, if you are ever in Baltimore in September I hope you’ll stop by so I can give you some of this salad. (OK, if you’re ever in Baltimore any time I hope you’ll stop by.)

Veron, I feel fig obsessed these days too. I’ll bet you’re doing wonderful dessert things with them.


Interessante Informationen.


This is equally good covered with parmesan shavings instead of gorgonzola.

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