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Lisa (Homesick Texan)

What a warm and cozy story! Great price on the chuck roast as well (it's about $10 a pound at my Whole Foods.)


I love Trinacria... Also down at the other end of Paca Street is a funny little place called Big Boy's World Wide Grocery (what a mouthful!) that has, in the worst terms, third world nations' groceries. Asian, Latin American, Indian... Twenty types of curries, goat legs, salted fish. Not posh at all and you have to get over any kind of squickieness to shop there. But they do/did have Cafe du Monde coffee!


I love this post! The photos are great and you had me hooked with every word, Loved the description of the "Hons". There are womern like that in the South and it took me a while to get used to that when I moved back down there years ago. Then I liked it and missed it when I moved to CA. Believe me, no one calls you Hon here. Wish they did.

You saw Kima!! No way! What a thrill--and very nice that she was shopping for produce too and not buying Twinkies. :):)

Great post!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I thought Hon was a southern thing! We even have people name their children Honey.
I'll visit again, hon!


Great post. Nice writing. how was the pot roast? I'd love a description of it...I never eat pot roast, know nothing about it and i was so captured by your story i was surprised to not know the ending...got a recipe for it? huh? hon?


Yes, wonderful post! How I love those Italian deli-stores and feel like I was there with you, Julie. For me, it was always Fraboni's in Madison. Thank goodness I live in a town that has a big Italian supermarket. They are soon to install an antipasto and olive bar. Can't wait.

We have Hons up here, too! But no Kimas.


Like someone said above - "hon" is a word your mama teaches you early in the South!

That was a great post. I could visualize everything you described. And I'd love to have an italian grocer like that in my neck of the woods.

anna maria

I wish we had more hons in San Francisco! I love being called hon, sweetie, or sweetheart, but I've been surprised to discover that a lot of peiople here do not like it. Maybe that's why we don't have many hons, 'cause people would get all pissy about it.
Sounds lika a great shopping day and a lovely afternoon.


You make me jealous. Here all we have are the mega-super-stores for groceries. That kind of wonderful cultural shopping experience doesn't happen.


Great post, hon! I used to visit Baltimore a lot when my cousin was in law school there (zillions of years ago). The kind of market experience you describe is one that you can only have in a city. Let's face it; supermarket shopping can be a bore, but you manage to make it sound like great fun!

Susan at Food "Blogga"

Yeah! I too love to go to the market--any market. But as a CA transplant from RI, I truly miss the family-run local markets I grew up going to with my mom. You literally ran into someone you knew on each visit.
Thanks for a wonderful post.


Ohhhh... love the photo of the snow. My street's not that pretty!


Hi, Julie--great post! I have a little Italian market here in Pittsburgh like that I go to, Donatelli's, in Bloomfield, our Italian section of town. They make their own sausage, plus sell Boar's Head cold cuts in addition to Italian specialties.

Clearly I'm going to have to check out The Wire - it's my son's favorite show and we gave him the first season for Christmas but I've never watched it myself.

blue plate

Nice picture and post. Both reminded me why I still love Maryland even though it's been years since I lived there.


I am from the south and every woman there is hon or sugar. I miss it now, but when I lived there, I hated it.

It is always cool to see a celeb!

the bee

jujubee-next time you see your parents pop into a lovely place called cornucopia in Bethesda. i bought olives from a barrel. lovely squash ravioli, pasta , sauces and the best deli sammy and desserts you will ever eat. They also have exotic and expensive soda but I do not do that.
Also, the owner is sexy . Heard enough ? Let's go !


Trinacria sounds way cool, based not so much on your post (because, face it, you bailed on them) but on the WaPo article. And it's closer to my home than DiPasquale's in Highlandtown. Definitely going to be worth checking out.

I grew up in a very Italian neighborhood on Long Island and every once in awhile this town gives me the "egg noodles and ketchup" vibe.


I too am a HUGE fan of The Wire, and can't understand why it isn't always getting awards. What's the story with that? It is so above and beyond most anything else on TV at the moment.

Excellent post, loved it.


Loved that. I´ll be wanting to know abou the pot roast, too.


I loved this post, too. It reminds me that I need to take an exploratory field trip to shop in Baltimore.

BTW, how is the syrian shop? The ones I used to visit in Cobble Hill Brooklyn when I lived there (Sahadi) were cheaper than Zabars and had what I was looking for-- lots of olives, interesting dried noodles, cheeses, oils, etc.


Well, hon, everybody's said it.
This was a really fun post. I guess we're all ready with our forks waiting for the roast.


Lisa, it was $4.99 a pound and usually I'd buy about a three pound roast but this was the only size they had.

Fairfax, thanks for the tip. I have passed that place (near Lexington Market, right?) but I'll have to stop and check it out.

Sher, thanks! And, no, hon doesn't sound like a very California greeting.

Sandi, I always think of it as a Baltimore thing but Baltimore is a southern city in many ways.

Nicola, the pot roast was good and just the kind of thing I love to cook when the weather is bad because it fills the house with nice warm smells. It's also rib-sticking food, again just the thing for bad weather.

Mimi, I would love to have a big Italian supermarket here. I'm envious!

Abby, an Italian grocer is a great asset. Way more interesting stuff than the regular grocery store.

Anna Maria, I can't imagine anyone in San Francisco calling anyone a hon. But on the plus side, I'll bet you have lots of great Italian markets there.

Michelle, the mega superstores here are mostly outside the city in the suburbs and generally I try to avoid them. I prefer smaller markets.

Lydia, I'm a fan of city living and I think that small, interesting markets are one of the things that make it enjoyable.

Susan, I remember some pretty great markets in Providence. I used to work for a company which had an office there and I LOVED going to Providence.

Fairfax, thanks. There's nothing prettier than untouched snow, and my street really does look pretty in the snow.

Rebecca, it sounds like Pittsburgh has lots of great markets. I'm always interested when you write about shopping there. And The Wire? Yes! It's a great show, unlike anything else on television.

blue plate, thanks. You used to live in Wheaton, right? That's an area that has managed to maintain lots of ethnic markets -- more than anyplace I can think of in Baltimore.

angela, maybe you should take that up in Paris and see how it goes over. You know, bon jour, hon!

Bets, ok! Sounds like a good place.

Claude, that was a nice little piece the Washington Post did on Trinacria's. I've never been to DiPasquale's but I've heard good things about it. There's also a nice Italian market called Cannella's on Harford Rd.

Lindy, thanks. And that's a good question about the lack of awards. They seemed to be on every critic's list of best television show but it still no Emmy or Golden Globe or SAG award.

Ximena, the potroast was delicious and one of these days I'll post a recipe for one.

Melissa, come to Baltimore! Lots of good stuff for you here. However the Syrian market (Sizar's) is in Columbia. Whenever I have reason to be driving south on I-95 I always make a stop.

Tanna, one of these days soon (like the next time I make it) I'll post the recipe.

Baltimore Snacker

What a great deli! I must make my way there this weekend. Thanks!


I just started watching "The Wire" and remembered this entry about you spotting one of the actresses, but couldn't remember who it was. I LOVE this show and Kima Greggs is so great. What a great spotting!


I'm so glad you're watching The Wire! Which season are you watching?

I recently got in line at the grocery store behind someone who had an enormous pile of groceries. I buried my nose in a magazine which I didn't put down until the person in front of me was paying, at which point I realized it was McNulty.

I've recently started seeing The Wire being filmed (shot? what's the correct lingo here?) around town. I've read the next season won't air until 2008. Can't wait.

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